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Weed delivery services have been on the rise lately. What’s better than ordering marijuana on-line and receiving it at your doorstep? Meadow is one of these providers. Avoid the bad traffic, save yourself some time and get your medical marijuana faster. Give them a try and use our Meadow Promo Codes. If you click here, you will receive $20 off your first order.

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Meadow Weed Delivery and Discounts

The Meadow weed delivery service allows you to order medical marijuana. The products deliver from a nearby dispensary to your home in less than an hour. The delivery service is much more efficient than doing it yourself. Save an hour of your time and let Meadow’s able drivers do their part for a small fee. It’s easy:

Meadow Promo Codes

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How to use your Meadow Promo Codes

  • Create an account on
  • Enter Meadow promo codes by clicking above for $20 off
  • Enter your zip code
  • Browse the Meadow shop and make your order.
  • Receive your weed in under an hour

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Meadow Promo Codes save $20 on weed delivery

Who Uses Meadow’s Service

Meadow’s weed delivery service is a great tool to save money and time. And I’m not talking just about the meadow promo codes available. The Weed Ambassador Program is a good way to earn weed, but you should think about the value of your own time. If you own a business or work long hours to meet ends, you know how valuable time can be. Meadow knows this too and aims to offer great rates for their product deliveries.

Physically challenged people can also enjoy weed delivery. A large number of people have trouble getting around. There are tons of reasons why they need access to medical marijuana. Head over Meadow’s website and see how it can change your life. It’s easier than going to the dispensary, I promise! With our Meadow Promo Codes you have to try it!

Products you can buy

Meadow’s online shop offers a variety of weed types. You can buy Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and high CBD plants. But flowers are not the only product. Meadow offers pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, massage oils, accessories, and seeds. All the goods include cannabis in their contents. For example, in the edible category, you can choose from a variety of goods. Baked goods, capsules, candy, snacks and others. There are also vegan and gluten-free options for people with strict diets.

The Meadow shop has some quality products for any taste. After all, smoking is not the only application for weed. Every product in the store is covered by our Meadow Promo Codes.

Those of you looking to grow your own marijuana. For now, you can only buy Pennywise seeds in a 5-pack. It’s a high CBD product and is not suitable for every condition. With time, Meadow will be adding more seed types to the list.

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Free Weed with Meadow

Everybody loves getting free weed. Meadow makes this easier. If you already used our $20 Meadow promo codes– don’t worry. There is another way to earn free cannabis from this delivery service company. The Meadow Weed Ambassador Program is open to everybody! The initiative works similar to the other programs out there:

1.    Spread the word, invite friends and tell more people how great Meadow is with your own Meadow Promo Codes

2.    They can create an account and get their own $20 bonus.

3.    When their first order is complete, you will receive a $20 discount for yourself.
It’s easy and fun! And the best part is the weed for everybody. Still, want more free medical marijuana? Read about Meadows marijuana delivery competitors further down the page.

Meadow’s Drivers

Meadow is a service which facilitates the delivery process. Meadow doesn’t use drivers in the company. The website makes it easier to browse through the products from the nearby dispensaries. The orders are then processed and sent to the corresponding dispensary. Afterward, the drivers take your products and bring them to your door. The whole procedure is fast and easy.

Of course, some other competitors offer private driver fleets. The delivery times may be a bit lower, but the price will also be a bit higher. This is the best thing about weed delivery and coupon codes. You can try all the services out and pick the one which is perfect for your needs.

Meadow’s Weed Delivery Competition

Meadow is among the best weed delivery services on the market. Yet, they are not the only one. Every weed delivery service offers its own coupons and promo codes. They all offer some form of free weed and discounts. Some of the biggest competitors are Eaze, GreenRush, and Nugg. The smallest discount you will get by them is $20. You get free weed, no matter the amount. Every competitor offers different area coverage, products, and Ambassador Programs. You should check them all out. Get your discounts and decide which delivery service is the best for you. Here is a small list of the discounts you can get:

Eaze button for promo codes

Eaze Promo Code

Eaze is one of the best weed delivery companies out there. Click the image to save $60 off your first order with Eaze Promo Code link here. Or read our Eaze Review Here!

All these options are legitimate in giving you free weed. But please be aware that the offers might change at any given moment. It would be best to use all the promo codes as soon as possible.

Meadow City Coverage

Meadow currently services two cities. The company is working on getting licenses for more areas, but those things take time. Here are the cities which fall into Meadow’s coverage area:

– Meadow Los Angeles –

The City of Angels is the second largest town in the USA. Because of this, the traffic can be overwhelming. Save yourself the stress. Just visit Meadow’s website and order some weed. You will also save some time. Meadow’s weed delivery service strives to bring you your weed in less than one hour. With the Meadow discount, you might even pay less than buying in person.

– Meadow San Francisco –

This city can be freezing during any season. The extreme conditions can turn a visit to a marijuana dispensary into a nightmare. This is exactly why Meadow delivers in San Francisco as well. Make an account and use your Meadow promo codes now. It’s time to let the experienced drivers bring you the weed to your doorstep.

Medical Evaluations by Meadow

To make use of the weed dispensaries, you need a Medical Marijuana ID. You might have yours already. But, lots of people don’t have theirs yet. Meadow offers online medical marijuana evaluations. They guarantee the privacy of your information. The whole procedure is quick and easy, and you can get your MMID on the same day! Here is how it works:

1.    Schedule the appointmentL: Contact Meadow MD, you will get an appointment with a doctor. You can pick a day which will be more convenient for you.

2.    Get evaluated online:  No physical contact required. You will be able to get assessed by a medical expert through video chat.

3.    Receive your MMID:  After you get evaluated, you will receive your MMID card. You can now use the Meadow promo code by clicking here and receive the $20 discount on your first order!
The MMIDs given through Meadow MD is valid at all dispensaries throughout California. There are no hidden fees. New patients can get their card for $100. Renewals cost $50. The exams are completely non-invasive and will take around 20-30 minutes to complete. Your physician will also educate you on which product types and doses will be most beneficial for you.

Meadow Coupons, Referrals, and Experience

I make it a point to check the weed delivery services I write about. It’s imperative that you get the best discounts and services available. Meadow has been a great experience for me.

First off, the Meadow promo code was easy to use. I registered an account, entered the code and made the order. The discount was instant, and the delivery was here in 40 minutes. Of course, it’s possible that external factors may have an effect on the delivery times. If your delivery is late, call Meadow and ask them about it. They will be happy to assist you! You can also use the live chat function on their website if you don’t want to talk on the phone.

Getting an MMID card was also a fantastic and smooth experience. We helped a friend get their card. I had a video chat with a doctor in less than an hour. He was courteous and pleasant to talk to. He asked about the condition, checked the medical record and gave some advice. Everything happened in 20 minutes. You will be able to buy weed and use my Meadow Promo codes in no time at all.

Meadow’s service is excellent. They are working on making it even better. After all, competition is a great thing for the end user. So don’t wait, click here and get your $20 Meadow discount now!

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