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If you are new to weed delivery, we currently are recommending trying out Eaze Delivery rather than Greenrush. They are more reliable and are offering a $20 discount for new users right now:

GreenRush offers marijuana delivery to over 800 different zip codes across the state. One of the reasons they were able to get so large is because of their GreenRush referral program. New users can get $80 off with GreenRush Promo Codes. If that amount doesn’t get you to try their service, nothing will. Read on as we explain the discount codes and how existing customers can earn even more free weed.

GreenRush Promo Codes for New Users 2017

Weed Delivery is brand new. It was only a few years ago that marijuana was even legal in certain states. That means the biggest challenge all marijuana services face is attracting new users. That is why GreenRush is using promo codes to help spread the word.

That isn’t the only reason. GreenRush is also struggling against weed delivery competitors such as Eaze and Nugg. All the services are fighting to control this budding weed delivery industry. One of the ways GreenRush is winning is by providing the highest promo code value of any of them. New users can get $80 ($20 per order) of GreenRush credit when they use code HAPPY80.

Most of the other services only offer $20 off. Eaze is the closest competitor, giving new users $60 off with their promo codes. We haven’t even begun talking about the discounts existing users can get with the services.

GreenRush Ambassador Program

GreenRush also has an ambassador program for customers who want to earn cash. Before you get too excited, its important to note that you get less cash per referral. You can either get $20 of GreenRush credit or $10 of actual cash. If you were planning on using the money to buy more marijuana, it is better to take the credit.

Otherwise, the GreenRush ambassador program runs the same way as the referral program. Customers will use their ambassador code to give friends $80 of free weed. ($20 for the first four orders) In return, GreenRush will send you $10 for each friend at the end of the month.

If you find that you have a knack for referring people, it might be worth looking into the ambassador program.

Services like GreenRush

Eaze Promo CodesOne of the biggest services we have to mention is Eaze. These two companies are battling it out for number 1 position with weed delivery. Eaze has its pros and cons but overall is very similar to GreenRush. The biggest question is figuring out which service delivers to your area.

Read our GreenRush Review and our Eaze Review.

Details about the GreenRush Promo Code

UPDATED: As mentioned above, we recommend trying out Eaze Delivery as a new user.

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