Eaze Review

Eaze is the biggest name in Weed Delivery. Most weed delivery users seem to have used Eaze at one time or another. I decided to do a full Eaze review, putting the entire weed ordering process to the test. Read below to see what it is like to order with Eaze and how it compares to the other weed delivery companies. Looking for a discount?

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Get $30 Off With Our Official Eaze Coupon Codes

What is Eaze Weed Delivery?

Eaze Weed delivery is the best way to get your marijuana delivered. A customer signs up for Eaze online and buys their marijuana through them. They dispatch a driver to your home with your weed. The days of driving yourself to a dispensary are over. Read through my Eaze review to find out just how easy it is.

Eaze isn’t the only company that does weed delivery. Make sure to check out the reviews for the other weed delivery companies on our website. Find out which ones are the best, and which are the worst.

I broke my Eaze review down into sections to make it easier to read. I have included a step by step Eaze ordering experience at the end of my post as well.

Eaze Review: Learn more about Eaze Up Weed Delivery

Eaze Review

First off, here’s a quick overview of my ratings for Eaze’s weed delivery service. I’ll go into details of the Ease, Safety, Convenience, Excitement, Cost and Competitors in the next sections.

Weed Cost

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Delivery Time

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Customer help


Eaze weed delivery Rating


Ordering weed with Eaze is Easy!

Eaze has made it easy to order medical marijuana online. If you have an address and credit card, you can have weed delivered. You choose the weed strains you want and they make sure it gets delivered to your doorstep.

Eaze does the best job of making this process easy. They have kept everything simple and clean. The other weed delivery companies aren’t as easy to navigate. Eaze definitely wins when it comes to ease of use.

Eaze is Safe

Studies have shown that weed dispensaries are the biggest targets for robbers. They deal in cash and have a large amount of valuables on the property. There have been many attacks that have left customers in harms way.

Eaze weed delivery allows you to avoid all that. Order your marijuana from the safety of your own home. Users can rest easy knowing that Eaze does background checks on their drivers. They also track each transaction and delivery in real time. Eaze wants to make weed delivery feel clean and safe.

Could it be more convenient?

Eaze is all about convenience, it’s why their name is “Eaze”. They have one of the quickest signups in the weed delivery industry. You can see how fast it is in my Eaze review below or just try it out yourself. You can have weed delivered in under 20 minutes from start to finish!

The only real catch with Eaze’s simple approach is their limitation of options. GreenRush can often have up to 12+ dispensaries to choose from. Thats often hundreds of different marijuana products to choose from. Eaze has a more limited list of product for the consumer. Its the sacrifice for the simplicity of their system.

Weed delivery companies have very specific areas they deliver to. Eaze is currently limited to around 300-400 zip codes. I have created a zip code locator that makes it easy to see who delivers to your area.

Get $30 Off With Our Official Eaze Coupon Codes

Get $30 Off With Our Official Eaze Coupon Codes

Eaze weed delivery is exciting.

Who doesn’t like being able to watch their drug delivery in real time? Eaze has made good use of the On-Demand market. Knowing that you can order drugs with the click of a button is pretty cool.

It is also great to impress your friends with Eaze. There is a good chance they are still driving themselves to the dispensary. Watch how excited they get when an Eaze driver shows up with your drugs. Eaze has created an Eaze referral Program. What better way to help incentivize people to refer their friends.

The cost of Eaze

Price is the biggest question on most people’s minds when it comes to weed delivery. Yeah, it’s a great concept, but it must cost a lot of money. That is where you would be wrong.

Eaze’s prices are actually competitive and the weed delivery is free. The average price for an 1/8 is between $35 and $50. Imagine how much time you spend driving to the dispensary and see how great that deal is.

Why spend time imaging, when you can try it out for free? For this Eaze review I have provided Eaze promo codes for first-time users just to show you how great it is. Eaze knows that once you use the service, you won’t be-able to get your weed any other way.

Check out my Step by Step Eaze experience below to see how easy it can be. I walk you through the process of signing up and buying your marijuana with Eaze.

BONUS: The Eaze Referral Program

The EazeUp referral program allows you to earn free pot. When you create an Eaze account you receieve an Eaze buddy referral code. Give that code to your friends and they will get $30 off their weed order. If they use your Eaze referral code, you get $30 of marijuana credit added to your account. How sweet is that?

Signup for the Eaze referral program

Eaze Competitors

It is always good to shop around for the best deal. Read our other weed delivery reviews and see how much their promo codes are worth. The deals are so good now its worth trying them all at least once!

GreenRush button for promo codes

GreenRush Promo Code HAPPY80

GreenRush is really upping their weed delivery game. Click the image to head to our GreenRush promo codes page. Or Read our GreenRush Review.

Eaze Review Summary: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

You can’t go wrong with Eaze. If they do deliver to your area, they are a great company. They are easy to use and feel safe. Their private drivers make the delivery so fast, and the website makes it easy to choose your weed.

Get $30 Off With Our Official Eaze Coupon Codes

Get $30 Off With Our Official Eaze Coupon Codes

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