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Nugg or GetNugg is a weed delivery company. They focus on bringing the marijuana consumer and the dispensary closer together. Nugg makes it easy for customers to choose their marijuana from nearby dispensaries. Nugg then ensures that the dispensary delivers it in a timely matter. Read our Nugg Review to see how the entire process happens in detail.

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Nugg Weed Delivery Rating


What is Nugg weed Delivery?

Weed delivery is a relatively new industry. Customers order weed online from a selection of marijuana. Once they have selected their weed, the dispensary sends a driver to their address. The marijuana is delivered and the customer doesn’t have to go anywhere.

Nugg is just one of the marijuana delivery companies that provides this service. Eaze, GreenRush, and Meadow are just a few of the others. The weed delivery companies are all basically the same, except for Eaze. (Read our Eaze review to see why they are different). The only difference between the different services is where they are able to deliver.

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  • Ease
  • Safety
  • Convience
  • Exciting
  • Cost

Nugg makes it easy.

Nugg has created their website with customer service in mind. The customer can enter their address or let the website determine your location. Nugg then displays all the dispensaries that deliver to your area. You can look through them and what marijuana products they carry. The customer adds what they want to their cart and has it delivered.

Ordering with GetNugg is safe.

The drivers all go through background checks and constant reviews. That is true for the other marijuana smokers you meet in the dispensary. A recent study by Nbcnews showed that Dispensaries are high profile targets for robbers. Don’t get caught in the crossfire, have your weed delivered.

Its super convenient.

Who wants to deal with traffic? Weed delivery allows you to skip the drive and enjoy your time at home. Ordering with Nugg couldn’t be easier or faster. In under 5 minutes, you could have medical marijuana coming to your door step.

There is one little catch with weed delivery. Each weed delivery companies relies on the dispensaries to deliver. This means that not all weed delivery companies can deliver to all areas of California. Eaze tends to own San Fransicso, while Nugg has a stronger presence in Los Angeles. It is important to use our Weed Delivery Locator tool to see which company can deliver to your area.

Read our Nugg Review and find out if this marijuana delivery service is right for you.

Excite your friends with Nugg

I love watching my friends as marijuana is delivered to my doorstep. They immediately want to know how it works and how to sign up. This is why Nugg created the Nugg Ambassador program.

Nugg is excited about their service and they want you to be as well. The Nugg ambassador program is for users who believe strong in Nugg and weed delivery. Nugg wants to spread the word and they need your help.

Nugg Referral Program

The GetNugg referral program allows you earn money promoting their service. After creating your Nugg account you will get the option to create Nugg referral codes. Gift the codes to friends and family. It will give them $20 off their first weed order. After they have used your Nugg ambassador code, you get $10 added to your account. It’s pretty cool.

Join the Nugg referral program

The Price of Nugg Weed delivery

Nugg is slightly more expensive than the other weed delivery services. The dispensaries they use charge around $50-80 dollars for an 1/8 of marijuana. They do have a few cheaper options, but not much.

The real thing to remember is that not all weed delivery companies will deliver to your area. Nugg may be slightly more expensive, but they might be the only service that delivers to your area. It is important to use our Weed Delivery Zip Code locator to see which service delivers to your address.

Nugg Promo Codes

Nugg weed delivery does offer discount codes! New users can save $20 when they us Nugg referral code HAPPY20. Make sure to use this code quickly, you never know when the program will end. Subscribe to our newsletter and we can keep you up to date with the latest happenings in Marijuana.

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Nugg Weed Delivery Competition

Where would would america be without a little competition? Check out the Nugg Competitors below for reviews and promo codes.

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Eaze is one of the best weed delivery companies out there. Click the image to save $60 off your first order with Eaze Promo Codes. Or read our Eaze Review Here!

Nugg Review Summary

Nugg is a great weed delivery service. They deliver to a lot of areas that Eaze and GreenRush miss. Give Nugg a try and make sure to save $20 with our Nugg Promo Codes.

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  1. I have been a Nugg Ambassador for almost two years. I have close to 70 sign ups with only THREE confirmations in these past two years. Nugg Ambassador program is a SCAM. They do not actually count your referrals, they do not answer your countless emails of concern. They screw their Ambassadors, plain and simple. Eaze, to be honest, isn’t much better. If you want an HONEST and REPUTABLE cannabis ambassador program I would suggest Greenrush. I’ve made almost $2,000 from them and they ALWAYS pay and they ALWAYS count your referrals!

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