GreenRush Review

We promised to do an in-depth review of the whole ordering process for each weed delivery company. We begin with GreenRush, one of the bigger weed delivery businesses. Our GreenRush review will take you through what GreenRush weed delivery is and why you should use it.

We finish with a step by step process of ordering weed through GreenRush. Starting with the doctor evaluation and ending with the actual weed delivery. We hope this review will help you through your own GreenRush ordering process.

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Ready to learn about GreenRush weed delivery?

GreenRush is a weed delivery service that delivers marijuana to the customer. Users can log in to the GreenRush website and choose from an assortment of marijuana products. GreenRush delivers the medical marijuana to your house in under an hour, sometimes quicker. All this convenience doesn’t cost you any more money.

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GreenRush Review: Find out more about this weed delivery company.

GreenRush Review

This is a quick overview of our ratings. We go into specifics of Ease, Safety, Convience, excitement, and cost in the following sections.


zip codes covered

Delivery Time

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GreenRush Weed Delivery Rating


GreenRush is Pretty Easy

Ordering with GreenRush is easy. To compete with Eaze, GreenRush had to streamline their ordering process. They want their customers to order drugs with just a few clicks.

GreenRush makes the entire ordeal pretty stress free. The only issue we had was the overwhelming amount of options. It sounds like a good thing, but sorting through 13+ dispensaries can take a long time. We do prefer the simplicity of Eaze weed delivery in this respect.

GreenRush is safer.

People are always nervous about trying new things. The idea of entering a home address into a marijuana website might put people off. But fear not, GreenRush has your back. They have one of the stronger SSL securities on their site. They do intensive checks on the people and drugs delivered to the customer. They know a safe weed experience is what will get customers coming back.

GreenRush gives you time.

As we get older we have begun to understand how valuable our time is. Weed delivery is a great way for us to avoid losing that time. We often drove an hour to pick up our weed. Then we had to smoke extra weed that night to relax from the road rage. With Greenrush weed delivery, that time is yours again.

GreenRush boasts the largest weed delivery area of all the weed companies. At the time of our GreenRush review The delivered to over 800 zip codes in California. The biggest problem with weed delivery right now is finding a service that can deliver to your area. That is why we include a Weed Delivery Zip Code locator into our GreenRush review. Enter you zip code below and see if GreenRush delivers to your area.


Ordering with GreenRush is exciting

It is exciting to know your marijuana is on its way. It seems like only yesterday Uber was starting. Now we have the ability to order medical marijuana on-demand. 5 years ago we never dreamed we would be writing a GreenRush review on instant weed delivery.

We often invite friends over when we are ordering weed through GreenRush. It blows their minds that we are having weed delivered to our house. GreenRush knows that most of their business comes from word of mouth. They created a program called Invite a bud. It is their version of a GreenRush referral program.

GreenRush Referral Program: Invite a Bud

GreenRush has of the best referral programs in the weed delivery industry. They offer codes that give your friends $80 of free credit. $20 off for their first 4 orders. On top of that, you get $10 credit when the friend places their order. If you refer enough friends, you will never have to pay for marijuana again!

Join the GreenRush Invite a Bud program

GreenRush Ambassador Program

If you find that you have a knack for referring friends, you should check out the GreenRush Ambassador Program. You have sign up to become an ambassador, but you earn actual cash. If you are passionate about weed delivery then you should try it out. Never hurts to earn a few bucks here and there.

Join the GreenRush Ambassador program

How much does GreenRush Cost?

GreenRush is one of the most reasonably priced weed delivery companies. They do this by having so many dispensaries available for their users. If you search through the massive selection, you can find some pretty great deals. At the time of our GreenRush review an 1/8 of weed was only $25. Then again, we have seen an 1/8 at another dispensary that cost over $100. GreenRush gives you options, it’s up to you to find the cheapest deal.

GreenRush also wins when it comes to coupons. They offer a first time user GreenRush promo code that is worth $80! As if that wasn’t enough, they offer an GreenRush existing user promo code that gets you $15 off! For those two reasons alone we say it is worth trying GreenRush.

Want to try out another weed delivery company?

Check out the companies below and see if any of them catch your eye. They all offer promo codes for first time users.

GreenRush Review Summary:

We really like the GreenRush weed delivery service. They deliver to the largest area of California. When we had any questions, they were super quick to respond.

If you prefer a lot of selection, we recommend going with GreenRush. Every day they add new dispensaries and tons of marijuana options. Use our GreenRush promo code HAPPY80 and get $80 off!

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  1. Great product, quality, freshness, well cured. AND I left my cell phone on the delivery car front seat. They brought it back about an hour later.

    Overall, a perfect cannabis experience.



  2. When I first began with Greenrush I too delved into their ambassador program with this same level of excitement and passion about their platform and products. And at first I had every reason to be: they had one of the best referral programs in the game, I could personally reach out to staff and they offered a wide selection of products to choose from, which was always a great selling point. Well you know that old adage, if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t. Yeah well people say that shit for a reason. Greenrush started off robust enough, they paid semi regularly and I made some fairly decent coin…until about November of last year when they scraped about 90% of their staff and instead focused on salvaging what little respect they have left in the California cannabis industry. Payouts have ceased, emails have gone unanswered and the SSL certificate for the ambassador dashboard hasn’t been renewed in over half a year. I highly advise those looking for other and better ambassador programs to steer clear of Greenrush. In fact, I wouldn’t even order my weed from them anymore.

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