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Looking for a great discount on Eaze?

As crazy as it sounds, Eaze is offering that deal to all of their new customers. (Returning Eaze Customers can get a discount on their delivery too.)

New Users get 30% Off with Eaze Promo Code: HAPPY100

New Users get 30% Off with Eaze Promo Code: HAPPY100

Eaze is currently offering new customers 30% off when they sign up and use the Eaze Promo Code: HAPPY100. (The Best Deal Available.) Find out why so many customers are ordering through Eaze, and saving a lot of money while they’re at it.

We have worked with Eaze to ensure that the codes will work with any Eaze order for a new user. If you have any problems getting the code to work, please tell us in the Eaze Promo Codes comments section. Or read further as we go over how and why to use our Eaze Up coupons.

Are You An Existing User?

If you are already an existing Eaze user, keep scrolling down, or click here to learn how to earn even more free credit.

Looking For Other Delivery Services?

The Eaze promotions are an ideal way for customers to try the Eaze delivery Service and pay less than at competitors.

Claim your Free Delivery Credits with Eaze Promo Codes

For all the new Eaze users out there, it’s time to try delivery. Eaze is growing quickly and starting to look at different states. They have created one of the easiest ordering systems for getting your products online. All you need to do as a new user is sign up.

Claiming your discount is simple and only takes a few steps.

Eaze Referral program ambassador signup

Why offer Free Eaze credit for new customers?

Eaze is looking to become the number one delivery service in California. They are currently fighting against a few competitors, such as GreenRush Delivery and Nugg. To beat GreenRush, Eaze and been aggressively promoting their service with the use of Eaze Promo codes. It’s a method of advertising that is working out very well for Eaze. They are currently the number one name of delivery in California.

Eaze customers reap the benefit of this competition with huge discounts. The Eaze promo codes are currently getting new customers $30 off.


Share with a friend

Sharing with friends is our second favorite way to get free credits with Eaze. The new user promo code only works once for your account. If you have any interested friends, they too can use the discount. Imagine how many times that means you can get $60 of Eaze credit. If you share with five friends, that is $300 of free credit.

We live in an apartment with a few other roommates. While not all of them enjoy Eaze products, we have gotten them all to sign up. The process is so easy that it is silly not to. Once we had signed up every roommate, we moved onto our close friends. Sharing the products became a social event, and we had a lot of fun hosting Eaze parties.

It was incredible how many or our friends didn’t know you could order online and have it delivered. Not only did we give them a significant discount, but we opened their eyes to delivery. This word of mouth is why the new user promo codes are so successful for companies. It helps to spread the Eaze name with little effort on their part. All those friends we referred have gone on to refer their friends.

Eaze Refer a Friend: Sharing is Caring

That leads us to the main way existing users can get free Eaze credit. We could only bum product off our friends for so long before everyone we knew had an account. The next step was to find random strangers and share with them. While we are chill, we aren’t quite that chill. Luckily for use, Eaze has a solution.

The Eaze refer a friend program is the next step in getting free Eaze credit. Once customers create their account, they are automatically signed up for the Eaze referral program. Eaze created this program specifically for eager customers like yourself.

Customers receive a promo code that they can use to share with anyone. (We do mean anyone.) This code is necessary for a few reasons. First off, it gets whoever uses it $60 off their order. New customers can’t use their own code, so make sure to use any link on this page when you first create your account. Once you have your code, make sure to give it to your friends and family. We know they will appreciate a $30 discount on their items.

The second part, arguably the best part, is that it gets you $30 of Eaze credit every time it is used. That means for every Eaze user you refer, you get an additional $30 of free credit. Imagine if you referred ten of your friends. That is $300 of free credit just for telling your buddies you can save them $30.

The best part is that the Eaze service pretty much sells itself. It is very easy to use, and Eaze makes delivery a breeze. The service gives such a huge initial discount because they know how useful their service is. It isn’t hard to get the free credit as most friends will jump to sign up.

If you are referring friends, we recommend you take some time to walk them through the process the first time. It is amazing how many people don’t understand how promo codes work. They are losing a valuable amount of free credit for themselves and you. If you don’t have time to explain it, send them to TopdownReviews, and we can explain it to them.

Eaze Ambassador

Eaze used to have an ambassador program, but they shut it down. The Eaze ambassador program was an easy way for customers to earn money instead of Eaze credit. It worked for a good amount of time but eventually became too hard to handle. There were thousands of Eaze ambassadors who needed new codes and payment. Eaze decided to close the program and focus on the friend referral program.

GreenRush is the number 1 Eaze competitor

GreenRush Delivery

While we love Eaze and tell all our friends to use this service, we can’t ignore the competition. GreenRush would have to be the number one competitor to Eaze. While their system isn’t as pretty and straightforward as Eaze, they make up for it with sheer numbers. GreenRush delivery covers the most cities in California.

GreenRush has promo codes that are worth $80 of free credit for new users. ($20 for the first four orders.) Use the Greenrush promo code HAPPY80 to get this deal. We also found that GreenRush tends to be a bit cheaper since they have so many stores to choose from.

The way we look at it, you can’t go wrong trying both of these services. Customers might as well give both a try and use the promo codes to save $140 off their orders. The best part is it will allow you to make your own decision about which service is best. If you really can’t decide, why not read our Eaze Review here or our GreenRush Review here.

The first thing to do before trying either is to figure out which delivery service delivers to your area. We have created a delivery zip code locator that shows customers which service is available for them. Enter your zip code below and see who delivers to your area.


Eaze Promo Code Summary

We love Eaze delivery. It is a valuable tool for users. Eaze is one of the biggest and best delivery services out there right now. New users should make sure to use our $60 Eaze promo code before they try the service. If you are an existing user, we hope our write-up has shown you how to get more free credit.

Eaze Promo Codes for Existing Users

The number one reason customers contact us is that they want a discount for existing users. Like any service, promo codes are specifically designed to gain new customers. That means that there are no specific Eaze promo codes for existing users.

HOWEVER! You can get free credits with other services that deliver straight to you. Enter your zip code below to see what discounts you can score:


Here are our 4 ways to earn more free eaze credit.

1. Use a new user coupon (Click Here)

2. Head to an Eaze event and get a code there.

3. Hang out with a friend who has never used Eaze and have them sign up with a new user promo code.

4. Use the Eaze refer a friend program to gain Eaze credits.

First, make sure to check out our Eaze promo codes page. It is important to use every available coupon that you can apply to your account. If you haven’t used a coupon yet, make sure to use our Eaze code before buying.

Second, why not try going to an event. Eaze and other companies normally give away special codes for existing users at these events. More often than not they also give away actual goodies at the event itself.

Third, why not get your friend to sign up for an Eaze account. If he/she signs up the new user promo codes are good to be used again. Make sure they pay you for the valuable information by letting you enjoy the products with him/her.

Fourth, sign up for the Eaze refer a friend program. This method is what we use to get our free goodies. We promote the service to readers, and they use our discount code. In return, we get free credit. Read further below as we discuss the Eaze referral program in greater depth.

It is important to note that all of the options here are legal and adhere to Eaze’s rules and regulations. Any attempt to game the system will result in immediate account termination or even legal action. If you are unsure about anything, reach out to Eaze themselves. They are happy to speak about their promotion systems.

New User Eaze Promo Codes for 2021-2022

We are going into more depth about the easiest way for Eaze users to get free credits. Customers who have never signed up for Eaze before should use a new user discount. They can use our Eaze coupon code and immediately get $30 off. This coupon is for first-time users only and can’t be used on existing accounts. (Read further down for what existing users can do.)

$30 is a ton of money for a new service to be giving away. We always recommend that our readers use the discount as soon as possible. Eaze won’t always provide that much money for first-time users. The $30 is for all Eaze cities and doesn’t vary for any user.

Using the promo code is very easy. As we said before, new customers need to head to Eazeup.com. There they can enter their address and see what products are available in their area. Once they have added the products to their cart, they can create an account. Make sure to use our Eaze Promo Code links to create the account or you will miss out on the $30 discount. They make it very simple and easy to get the deal. They want new customers to understand how easy it is to order online through Eaze.

Getting Your Items through Eaze.

The process of signing up requires customers to enter their address. Once the promo code is entered, the customer buys their goods. Eaze does not currently take credit card online as their products are only legal in some states. Customers will have to pay the delivery guy the full amount with cash.

After customers press the order button, Eaze sends your order to the store. The store gathers up the product for your order and gives it to the driver. The driver then heads to your location and delivers the order.

We have found that the drivers are super friendly and very knowledgeable. If you have any questions, make sure to ask the driver. It also doesn’t hurt to give them a tip if they got your product delivered quickly.

Eaze Events and Parties

Any customer lucky enough to attend an event should make sure to look out for Eaze. They try to make it out to all the events. The best part is Eaze sometimes has unique codes specific to these events. These codes are great because they work with the new user’s code. Even if you are an existing user, these codes can get you additional credit.


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