Greenrush vs Eaze weed delivery review

UPDATE: We no longer recommend Greenrush. Try Eaze (30% off code: HAPPY100) or Amuse (20% off code: HAPPY100) for your weed delivery.

Legalization is happening across the country. Along with legal weed comes the dilemma of how to buy it. That is where weed delivery comes in. We decided to compare the two biggest weed delivery services in California. Find out who to buy your cannabis with in our Greenrush vs Eaze weed delivery review.

We compare GreenRush vs Eaze in our weed delivery comparison.

Greenrush vs Eaze weed delivery review

We decided to put each of these companies through a round of tests. We wanted to find out which was the better of the two. This was a challenge that turned out harder to do than we originally thought. Each company did an amazing job in their own ways. We broke the tests down to make it easy to understand.

Delivery Times:

A difficult one to measure since there are so many variables. Time of day, traffic, dispensary location all made for a bit of confusion. Still, we were able to find a winner when it came to delivery.

Eaze had the faster delivery times in general. Get 30% off with code: HAPPY100.

GreenRush is also a fast one, but we found it was ever so slightly slower than Eaze. We never waited longer than an hour for an order. Often, our marijuana would come in under 30 minutes.

Our hats off two both of these companies for streamlining the delivery times.

Variation of product

GreenRush was the clear winner when it came to pure quanity. They supply over 800 zip codes with hundreds of dispensaries. Browsing the GreenRush website is overwhelming. The sheer amount of cannabis and related products is staggering.

Eaze also had a tremendous amount of products available. While not quite as much as GreenRush, Eaze has a substantial available menu, depending on where you are in their 65+ serviceable cities. Customers can be confident they will have a good amount of choice.

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Make sure to read our GreenRush vs Eaze weed delivery review!

Simplicity of the service.

Eaze had better win this one with a name like Eaze. They have created a beautiful front end that makes weed buying easy. They have gone a step further and made it simple to get a medical marijuana license as well. Customers are treated to a clean UI and simple navigation. If your grandmother needs pot, send her to Eaze.

GreenRush has a great website as well. We wouldn’t be afraid to send our grandmother here to buy weed either. GreenRush makes it simple to search for dispensaries nearby. They also make it easy to get a marijuana license. Neither of these website will leave you confused.


This is arguable the most important section in this Greenrush vs Eaze review. None of the other factors matter if the service can’t deliver to your location. Certain areas aren’t delivery friendly thanks to a nightmare of laws and regulations. Dispensaries can also choose to work or not work with Eaze and GreenRush. This means customers might have to look around to find a service that delivers to them. Luckily for you, we have a weed dispensary locator. Enter your zip below and we will show you which dispensaries deliver to your area.


GreenRush is the winner based on amount of zip codes they deliver to. GreenRush delivers to over 800 zip codes in California. Eaze is primarily focused on San Francisco and surrounding areas. It is worth noting that all these companies are relatively new and continuing to spread. The laws and regulations are changing almost daily. Make sure to check back here regularly!

Best Bud for your Buck

This is a difficult one to compare as well. Neither GreenRush or Eaze set the price of the marijuana. They only show the prices of the dispensary the customer is ordering with. In that regard, we have to give this as a pro for GreenRush.

GreenRush has hundreds of dispensaries for the customer to choose from. Some those are cheaper than the cheapest dispenary we could find on Eaze. The only catch is finding a cheap dispensary that delivers to your location.

Greenrush vs Eaze weed delivery review Summary

So which one should you go with? Our best answer is whichever one delivers to your area. GreenRush and Eaze are both equally great weed delivery services. They each have their pros and cons, but are both good companies. Enter you zip below and see who delivers weed to you today.

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