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Hey Emjay Sign Up Bonus Code: HAPPY100

Emjay Sign Up Bonus Code

Get products delivered straight from the dispensary to your door. New customers  $10 off with the Emjay Sign Up Bonus Code: HAPPY100

Visit the Emjay signup page where you can check your zip code and get a $10 off discount with the code HAPPY100. Click here.

New Users get $10 off

Currently Emjay is offering new customers $10 off their first order to try them out—which you can choose to use on all the products they sell (which is a lot), for home delivery throughout California.

Emjay will deliver flowers, concentrates, oils and more to your door, same day.

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Amuse.com Details

Emjay Recreational Delivery brings dispensary products to you in many cities in California. Major cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco and more.

Emjay Sign Up Bonus Code: HAPPY100

We love using Emjay weed delivery for all our flower, edible, vape and other product needs.

In addition to Emjay's $10 off new customer discount, they also have awesome daily deals (sometimes up to 50% off) on products for every type of need as well as in every form you can imagine.

Don't forget: You get a $10 off sign up credit bonus as a new user with the code HAPPY100.

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