Eaze Up Delivery

We find out everything there is to know about Eaze up Delivery

Eaze weed delivery is one of our favorite services. We have written a lot of articles and reviews about the service and their discounts. We wanted to delve further into how the service works, where they deliver, and what their hours are. Find out everything want to know about Eaze up Delivery here. If you only looking for a discount, head to our Eaze Promo Codes page.

Eaze Up Delivery

The first thing we should address is the fact that Eaze Up is the old name. The company has grown and slowly begun to shed the last part of their name. We very rarely find anyone calls them Eaze Up anymore.

Eaze has been leading the weed delivery industry since the very beginning. Customers order their cannabis on the Eaze app and have it delivered in under an hour. Eaze was also one of the first companies to make cannabis look hip and cool. They put a lot of effort to move away from the stoner image that we currently associate with smokers.

Eaze Drivers

Eaze promotes themselves as the only weed delivery service that uses their own drivers. When customers use a competitor such as GreenRush, the drivers come from the dispensary. Using their own drivers allowed Eaze a better handle on why deliveries were late. Every time we have used the service, our Eaze Marijuana drivers were always super friendly. Eaze makes sure to hire the most knowledgeable and helpful drivers we have met.

Eaze SF

Eaze began its life in the Bay Area. Considering the technology behind Eaze, it is no wonder it started near silicon valley in San Francisco. Eaze initially targeted specific customers in that area, such as the young tech users. As they grew, they began to widen their target demographic to everyone. We have a lot of friends in Bay who only use Eaze SF for their cannabis delivery.

Eaze Delivery Hours

Eaze has a broad range of delivery times, but the general Eaze Delivery hours are from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. If you are going to do some late night smoking, make sure to order your cannabis before midnight. Eaze is always updating their hours, so let us know if you find different Eaze delivery times for your area.

Find out how easy it is to get marijuana with Eaze weed delivery

Eaze Marijuana is top quality

Check out the Yelp page and you with find out just how much people like Eaze Marijuana. The pricing is around $5 more in general, but customers should take into account they don’t have to drive to the dispensary.

We recommend you head to the Eaze page and check out the prices for yourself. If you are looking to buy, make sure to head to our Eaze Promo Codes page to save $60. We live in an amazing future where Eaze marijuana comes to your house, allowing you time to do what you want. If you live in Northern Cali, Eaze SF weed delivery is the only way to go.

Eaze Delivery Cities

We have compiled a list of cities that Eaze delivers cannabis. We also have a tool that allows customers to enter their zip and find out which delivery service works for them. Check the list of cities or use our tool, it’s up to you.

Our zip locator tool finds any services that delivery marijuana to your zip code.


Eaze Up Delivery is an excellent way to get weed

Customers like the ideal Eaze delivery hours and we perdict the service is going to spread quickly. If you are still not sure about the weed delivery, read our Eaze Review to learn more. If you are ready to try ordering some Eaze Marijuana now, use our discount codes!

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