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Kushfly is one of the best weed delivery services in the Los Angeles area. Customers order top quality marijuana online and have it delivered to their house. Customers rave about their experience with the Kushfly service online. We decided to do a Kushfly review to see what everyone was talking about.

Our Kushfly review has everything you need to know about this weed delivery service.


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Kushfly weed delivery Rating


Kushfly Review

Kushfly delivery has been delivering marijuana to LA for years. They carry some of the most dependable cannabis products in the industry. Most importantly, Kushfly delivers the marijuana for free. Why would anyone want to brave LA traffic to buy some cannabis?

Kushfly is unique among the other weed delivery services. It is actually a Nonprofit corporation, focused on helping patients. They have made signing up extremely easy. It should only take medical patients around 5 minutes if they have their marijuana card. Once signed up, customers can order anything from the entire Kushfly inventory.

Weed Variety

There is a ton of variety with this service. Customers can order top grade marijuana strains. Customers can choose from Madman, White Widow, Trainwreck, Blue Cheese, OG Kush. Don’t want a flower, why not try a marijuana concentrates or Hash oil. Kushfly works exclusively with the distributors of Bhang Chocolate, LiquidGold, DabFace and more.

Kushfly also exceeds at getting the marijuana to the customer. Their team of customers service experts and drivers are some of the best in the industry. Just reading the reviews on the Kushfly yelp page should help ease customers.

How much does it cost?

Kushfly is a nonprofit which helps keep their costs down. The prices are a bit higher than going to a dispensary, but not as much as you might believe. We believe makes Kushfly weed delivery is actually cheaper than buying in person. Here is why:

  • The value of your time.

    Having the marijuana delivered saves you hours.

  • No Brick and Morter

    Being able to deliver means they don’t need to pay as much rent for a large building.

  • Peace of mind.

    Being able to relax at home is the most valuable reason in our opinion.

  • Kushfly promo codes

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Read our Kushfly review and learn more about this marijuana delivery service.

Where does Kushfly Deliver


Living it up with the stars? Kushfly can let you escape the traffic on Hollywood Blvd and relax at home. Escape the tourists and order Kushfly tonight.

Los Angeles:

LA is a big area. Find out how easy it can be to order marijuana with Kushfly. Not sure if Kushfly delivers to you? Check out our weed delivery zip code find out now. Or click here to head to Kushfly.com


Kushfly Safety

Marijuana is one of the safest drugs, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. For our Kushfly Review we wanted to be sure our readers were getting the best quality marijuana.

Kushfly tests their products for microbes, pesticides and THC/CBD quality. They also make sure to stay up to day with the Compassionate Use Act and Medical cannabis program act. Customers can smoke with confidicen when they order with Kushfly.

Kushfly promo codes

Kushfly has given us a discount code for our readers. We have created a Kushfly promo code walk through.

  • Go to Kushfly.com Click Here

  • The link will get you 10% off, or enter Kushfly coupon code CG420.

  • Create an account and choose your marijuana.

  • When you go to purchase, the 10% off will be applied your cart

Ready to buy? Use Kushfly Code ---CG420---

Get 10% off your entire Kushfly order

Kushfly referral program : refer patients and earn commission.

Kushfly believes that every medical marijuana patient should have safe access to cannabis. They need your help to spread their message. They have created the Kushfly referral program to encourage users to tell their friends. Email them at info@kushfly.com to sign up for a unique referral link. Customers receive 10% when their friend places their first order.

Kushfly ambassador program

The ambassador program and referral program are the same with Kushfly. Looking for the Kushfly ambassador program? Sign up with the same link above to get the same benefits. Become an ambassador and start referring today. It’s time people knew how amazing it is to have marijuana delivered.

Is Kushfly the best weed delivery service? Read our Kushfly review to find out.


Kushfly seemed to really care about their customers and their product. They have a huge amount of marijuana and make it pretty painless to order. Their customer service and drivers go out of their way to help. We give Kushfly two big thumbs up. Click here to use our Kushfly Promo code and get 10% off your entire order. You might even get a free gift or two with your first order!

We hope you enjoyed our Kushfly Review. Make sure to check out all the Weed Delivery services available.

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