Kushfly Coupon Codes

Weed Delivery has never been easier with Kushfly. This weed delivery service caters to Hollywood, Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas. I order a ton of my weed through them. They are good about hooking me up with free goodies each time. It also helps to use KushFly coupon codes CG420 and get 10% off your order.

Kushfly Coupon Code CG420

Get 10% off your entire Kushfly order

Use my Kushfly Promo Codes! SMOKE10 will get you 10% off!

Kushfly Review

I just recently found out about Kushfly, but I just had to make a post. I live in Hollywood which just so happens to be one of their delivery areas. Though looking at their delivery map, it seems like they do all LA. If you have read any of my other posts, you know I love weed delivery. How could I not try Kushfly!

I had to sign up on their site and enter my medical marijuana card. After that, it was a breeze to order my weed. I found some yummy looking Diamond OG flowers and decided to go crazy with some Bhang Nugum THC Gums. Then it was off to the checkout and getting my weed! I used one of the Kushfly coupon codes CG420 to get 10% my whole order.

The whole thing was super easy. It only took me about 5 minutes to go through the whole process. A text notified me as the driver made his way to my place with the marijuana. It was so exciting to know that he was on his way with my goodies! I almost squealed when they texted letting me know the weed had arrived.

Kushfly Coupon Codes

I have done a lot of research into Kushfly and their service. I wanted to make sure that the kushfly promo code SMOKE10 was the best deal out there. CG420 gets new users 10% off their entire order. A lot of the other weed delivery services offer $10-20 off your first order. If you are going to order a lot of marijuana, the Kushfly coupon CG420 is definitely the way to go.

10% off is the best deal I have been able to find. I have noticed that every couple of days their website has some deals randomly pop up. Though I have never seen as good a deal as the 10% off. If I do find a better deal, I will make sure to post it here. So be sure to keep checking back.

KushFly Coupon Codes: Learn how to save 10% off your order!

Ways to Earn Free Kushfly

I always try to hook my girlfriends up with free weed. Kushfly does have a Kushfly affiliate program, but it isn’t easy to find. They are looking for people willing to work hard promoting their product. Luckily for them, I know a lot of people who want free weed.

If you are serious about promoting weed delivery, send me and email and I will connect you with Kushfly. I am always open to making new friends. There is so much free weed, I can’t smoke it all.

How to use your Kushfly Coupon Codes

  • Head to Kushfly.com.

  • Create an account with your information.

  • Choose your medical marijuana and put it in the shopping cart.

  • Enter Kushfly promo code CG420 to get 10% off

Kushfly Competitors

I hope you enjoy the discount with my Kushfly coupon codes. If you have any questions about weed delivery please don’t hesitate to contact me. Like I said before, I like making new friends. While you are at it, why not check out some other weed delivery companies? Eaze and GreenRush are two of the biggest. Use our Eaze Promo Codes to save $60, or use our GreenRush promo Codes to save $80.

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