Yummi Karma Review | High Gorgeous Is Cannabis Products For Our Generation

Yummi Karma Review | High Gorgeous Is Cannabis Products For Our Generation

Yummi Karma has been operating in California since 2014. Their all woman team is leading the way for high quality, consistent cannabis products that fit into women’s lifestyles.

Yummi Karma Review:

High Gorgeous Is Cannabis Products

Yummi Karma sent me a number of their latest tinctures and lotions. I tried out a number of them a let you know how I liked them below. Overall, I was very pleased with High Gorgeous and expect only great things from Yummi Karma.

High Gorgeous Plain Jane Body Lotion

High Gorgeous Plain Jane Body Lotion

This all-natural, fragrance-free lotion is infused with 100mg CBD to ease pain.

The Scent

For an unscented lotion, I loved the way this smelled. As someone who has quite a few tattoos, I’ve tried lots of different unscented lotions for the healing process and my main complaint about most are that they tend to smell too “chemical-y”.  If you’re looking specifically for an unscented lotion, this is one of the better ones.

The Texture

It’s a non-greasy formula, which I typically don’t like because I never know when to reapply! What’s nice about this lotion is that once it dries, your skin feels moisturized yet you don’t feel like you have any lotion on at all. I have embarrassingly ashy legs and usually have to reapply multiple times a day (when they get ashy again) and I wasn’t compelled to do so with this product.

Did It Work?

I know there are mixed reviews out there about the effectiveness off CBD topicals for pain so I really wanted to experiment with one. It’s been a long week so I decided to cash in my Mother’s Day massage coupon for an hour-long Swedish deep tissue. I don’t get massages often and my last one was 900 years ago so I knew I’d be paying for it. I tend to carry all my stress in my shoulders so needless to say—I GOT WORKED.  I expected to be sore but the morning after felt like a hangover from college.  Despite being in pain, I really wanted to commit to the experiment so I’ve been applying the lotion to just my left side for a fewdays and I can definitely feel the difference.

The difference is not huge but noticeable enough that I can tell it works—about a 15-20% pain reduction from one side to another when applying every 3 hours or so.

Rating: 8/10

High Gorgeous Cannabis Kiss Lip Balm in Luscious Lime

High Gorgeous Cannabis Kiss Lip Balm in Luscious Lime

This lip balm is infused with 25mg THC/THCA

The Scent

If the scent wasn’t written on the label I wouldn’t have known it was flavored as the lime is very subtle. The more obvious scent was of the THC, which wasn’t too overpowering. I had my fiancé sniff me at different distances, and once he got about a foot away from my face he could smell it. So, I would not recommend wearing this if you’re planning to kiss grandma later in the day.

The Texture

There are many varying opinions on what makes a good lip balm because everyone has a different preference/need. That being said, if you’re looking for something to wear while skiing, I’d opt for a thicker formula. If you like glossy, this is great because it functions like a lip gloss without the sticky/tacky texture of a traditional lip gloss. The only downside to that approach was that I had to re-apply roughly every 30 minutes to maintain the glossy look.

I would however, highly recommend it as an everyday lip balm. The thing I loved the MOST about this product is that when it dried off my lips, it didn’t dry them out, which is the biggest problem I have with lip balms in general. I am very susceptible to chapped/bloody lips and not only did this lip balm not cause dryness, it has noticeably repaired the damage caused by my lipstick.

Rating: 10/10

Yummi Karma 20:1 High CBD Tincture

20:1 High CBD Tincture

A tincture with 20 parts CBD to THC meant to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, and PTSD

The Taste

Yummy! I initially applied two drops (approximately .5mL) directly onto my tongue and it was semi-sweet with a very faint cannabis taste. I’ve been adding it to my coffee in the mornings and it works as a great low-calorie sweetener that isn’t too overpowering.

Did It Work?

I’ve been slowly increasing my dosage 0.5mL at a time to find the correct dosage and had a hard time knowing when to stop because the THC content is so low. I stopped at 2mL because I didn’t want to overdue it—it’s so tasty I could drink the whole bottle!

I’m not experiencing any inflammation or PTSD but am highly prone to anxiety. I haven’t felt anxious on the days I’ve been using it but I can’t fully attribute it to tincture because I haven’t found myself in any anxiety-inducing situations lately.

Rating: 7/10

Yummi Karma Products Review Summary

Overall Rating 8.3

Overall, I was very happy with the products from Yummi Karma. The High Gorgeous Plain Jane Lotion does a decent job of alleviating pain while moisturizing as long as you’re committed to re-application. The High Gorgeous Lip Balm was my favorite product of the three and is my new go-to everyday lip balm. I highly recommend it as a healing product to wear, especially in between the harsher products like lipsticks and glosses that can dry out lips.

I liked the 20:1 High CBD Tincture because it’s a low-calorie alternative to edibles and seemed to help alleviate my anxiety without getting me too high. If you don’t have anxiety, inflammation, or PTSD, I would opt for one of their higher THC tinctures—they 7 different kinds!


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