Ping GPS Review

Read our Ping GPS Review and find out why it will change your life

We lose stuff a lot, whether it’s a wallet or our bike. We bought a Tile, but the Blue Tooth capability only goes so far. This lack of distance is why we are so excited by Ping. It looks just like the Tile but uses Cellular, GPS, and Bluetooth to locate things anywhere in the world. Read our Ping GPS Review and never lose anything again.

Ping GPS Review

We are very excited about the Ping. The Tile was a huge step forward to recovering lost items, but it still had issues. The main problem was the lack of distance you could be away from the Tile. Once out of the 35-foot blue tooth range, the Tile can no longer track where your item was.

Ping GPS solves that problem by using a combination of Cellular, GPS, and Bluetooth. If your Ping is out of Bluetooth distance, Ping will switch to Cellular or GPS to find your device. That means you can track your wallet anywhere in the world.

We might be thinking too small when we mention our wallet. There are thousands of uses for an item like Ping GPS that we haven’t even considered. Hide the Ping in your car in case it is ever stolen. Attach it to your kid’s keychain and know they are safe at 1 am at night. Put it on your dog’s collar and be calmer when he escapes again. We plan on carrying it with us on our next marathon so friends and family can track us.

The Ping is a comparable size to the Tile, a little larger than a quarter. It is downright tiny for the abilities it has. It is completely waterproof and has a rechargeable battery. (One of the main complaints with the Tile is the nonreplaceable/ non-rechargeable batteries.) If the Ping GPS works like it says it does, we could see a massive shift in tracking technology.

The Ping GPS is not currently available to the general public. There is a waitlist for customers who need to know the day it is released. If you do join the waitlist, there is a chance to get 39% off. If you are interested in the Ping, head to their website to sign up now.

Pros & Cons


  • Can find your item anywhere in the world
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water Proof
  • Discount: Get 39% when you join the waiting list


  • Battery life is only months long
  • No current price estimate
  • Untested technology
Ping GPS is similar to Tile

We recommend the Ping GPS to customers who:

  • Lose things a lot
    The ping can track your items anywhere in the world. Attach the ping to anything that is valuable and never lose it again.
  • Like the latest tech
    The Ping is so new that it isn’t even out yet. Join the waiting list to be the first to try the Ping GPS.
  • Like knowing where everything is
    Attach the Ping to anything and never lose it again.

Ping promo codes

Customers who sign up for the waiting list can get 39% off their device. If you are looking for a good deal on the Ping GPS, this might be your best shot. We will update this post whenever we have more Ping GPS promo codes.

Ping Construction


  • Surface

    The Ping GPS is 1.34 inches tall. (A tiny bit larger than a quarter.) The hardened surface is waterproof allowing the Ping to go anywhere you can.

  • Inner workings

    Advanced technology that allows the device to connect to Bluetooth, GPS, and cellular. It also has a battery that can be recharged wirelessly

  • Ping App

    The Ping GPS app allows customers to ping their Ping anywhere in the world. No matter how far away, you will know where the ping is located.

Ping GPS costs

PingGPS is still trying to evaluate the value of the Ping. Check back later as we will update this page with information. If you have any questions make sure to ask them in our Ping GPS Review comments section.

Ping GPS Device





Ping GPS Review

Ping GPS is set to be a huge step forward with tracking technology. Imagine never feeling that sick feeling when your dog runs away. Once Ping is attached to an item, you won’t have to worry about it ever being lost again.

Battery Length

Few Months



Distance Covered

Anywhere on the Earth

Sign up now to get on the Ping GPS waiting list.

Use the link to the right to sign up

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  1. Does the SOS send to emergency services, or just sends a note that the SOS feature has been activated and send a different message to the associated phone(s)

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