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Butcher Box Review: Monthly Meat Subscription

Butcher Box is a subscription service that sends out 8-11 lbs of meat each month. If you haven’t seen 11 lbs of meat, it is a ton of food (about 20 meals according to Butcher Box). The box costs $129 each month which means each meal costs around $5 – $6. It’s a great deal if you can manage to eat 11 lbs of meat each month.

Butcher Box Review

It’s A Lot Of Meat

The Butcher Box currently only has one subscription price, but allows you to mix and match the meats. New customers will need to enter their email and zip code to see the different options. I choose the all beef option and waited for my meat box to arrive.

While I love animals, I can’t help but enjoy eating meat. I wouldn’t say I eat a lot of meat, but I don’t have many meat free days. So when I got the chance to review the Butcher Box I jumped at the opportunity. When the box arrived it contained more meat than I was expecting. My first comment of the review is to make sure you have enough space in your fridge and freezer before you get this box.

What Came In The Box

I took a quick picture of all the meat before I moved it quickly to the freezer. Everything was still frozen and seemed to transport very well.

Butcher Box All Beef Box

Butcher Box Contents

CHUCK ROAST – 2.25 lb

GROUND BEEF – 2×1 lb

NY STRIP – 2×10 oz


TOP SIRLOIN – 4×6 oz

Free! BACON – 10 oz

My Butcher Box Experience

The Box comes with a set of instructions that lets you know how to store and defrost the meat. It was very helpful as you will need to thaw any of the meats before you can use them. It’s not exactly the same as going to the butcher that day, but probably as close as any of us living in the city will get.

This did mean I had to plan each meal ahead of time if I was going to use the meat. There were a few times that I longingly looked at the frozen sirloin wishing I had put it in the fridge earlier. Eventually I got better at planning ahead and found that preparation was no longer a problem.

The meat itself was delicious. I often worried that my sub-par cooking would take away from the taste of the grass fed beef. Luckily, the meat was very good at resisting all my attempts to destroy the taste.

The Butcher Box Is Great For Sharing

Another benefit I discovered with the Butcher Box was group meals. Since I was now planning my dinners ahead, I began to invite friends over. Butcher Box seemed like to much red meat for just me, so sharing was my next logical jump. ( I could have just hoarded it in the freezer but I would have run out of space when the next box arrived.) The quantity of meat was great for small groups as I had two packages of the same meat for a few of them.

Yummy Butcher Box Steak


  • Grass Fed & Organic Meat like you would find at a hometown butcher shop.
  • With no Brick and Mortar store, the meat is very well priced.
  • Option for ordering every other month to reduce amount of meat.
  • Enough food to feed your friends.
  • Get $10 Off & Free Bacon when you sign up through TopDown.


  • It was almost too much meat for me.
  • I actually found myself getting tired of eating red meat (I would get the mixed boxes)
  • Frozen meat means you have to plan meals ahead.

Butcher Box Review Summary

Rating 9.3

The Butcher Box is a fantastic subscription for true meat lovers. Customers get delicious, grass fed organic cuts that are actually very affordable. Just make sure you are aware of how much meat 11 lbs is, so you can decide if you want this box every month or every other month.

Head To Butcher Box and get your $10 discount today.

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