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The Drop app allows you to earn rewards points just by using your credit cards. This is on top of any rewards you’re already earning with your cards!

UPDATE! Currently they are offering 3000 points for every friend you refer, so be sure to sign up before the deal disappears! Use the invite code TOPDOWN during signup for 1000 free points once you add a credit card!

Drop App Details

The Drop App is very new (UPDATE: Now available in the USA!) , and is a great way to earn extra rewards when you use your credit card at certain brand locations. To me it seems like a great way to replace loyalty cards without any fuss—all you do is pay like you normally would, and the brand you spent at rewards you with points on the Drop app. E.g. Use the Lyft app and you’ll get 10 points for every dollar you spend on your ride.

Once you’ve earned a certain threshold of points (minimum to redeem anything is 5000), you can redeem them for rewards in the app!

It definitely seems like Drop is attempting to tackle a way to reward millennials for the way that they spend money, and encourage them to maintain loyalty with certain brands by giving them Drop Rewards. I’m ranking it right up there with eBates rebates in terms of value.

Note: Sign up with the invite code TOPDOWN. I’ll get bonus points for referring you, and you’ll have 3000 points once you link up your first card (and verify your email)

Current Earn Rates

Below are the current earn rates for the qualifying stores. Seems like Seamless, Urban Outfitters, Dunkin Donuts, 7-Eleven are the best earners at the moment.

Walmart – 2 points per $1
Lyft – 10 points per $1
Seamless – 16 points per $1
HEB – 10 points per $1 Fred Meyers – 12 points per $1
Trader Joes – 12 points per $1
Peets – 8 points per $1
Blue Bottle – 8 points per $1
Macy’s – 8 points per $1
Dunkin Donuts – 14 points per $1
Target – 8 points per $1
Urban Outfitters – 15 points per $1
Bath Body Works – 15 points per $1
Whole Foods – 8 points per $1 Safeway – 8 points per $1
7-Eleven – 16 points per $1
Walgreens – 8 points per $1
Starbucks – 12 points per $1
Uber – 10 points per $1
McDonalds – 8 points per $1
Chipotle – 12 points per $1

Redemption Options

Below are the various stores and online marketplaces where you can cash in your points for gift cards:

$5 Starbucks – 5,000 Points
$5 Aerie – 5,000 Points
$10 Old Navy – 10,000 Points
$10 Dunkin’ Donuts – 10,000 Points
$10 iTunes – 10,000 Points
$10 Amazon.com – 10,000 Points (make sure it says Amazon.com, not Amazon.ca)
$10 American Eagle Outfitters – 10,000 Points
$10 Gap – 10,000 Points
$10 Nordstrom – 10,000 Points
$15 Groupon – 15,000 Points
$15 AMC – 15,000 Points
$15 Banana Republic – 15,000 Points
$20 Whole Foods Market – 20,000 Points
$25 Barnes & Noble – 25,000 Points
$25 Applebee’s – 25,000 Points
$25 Lyft – 25,000 Points
$25 Apple – 25,000 Points
$25 JCPenney – 25,000 Points
$50 Hotels.com – 50,000 Points
$50 Best Buy – 50,000 Points
$100 American Airlines – 100,000 Points

It’s pretty cool because not only can you redeem points for really fantastic companies (flight vouchers at AA is too badass), but you can also redeem points at companies where you spent the money in the first place—like Lyft!

Other Ways to Earn Drop

If you’re a resident of Canada, be sure to check out if the Carrot Rewards app is available in your province. It rewards you for things like exercise, taking health surveys, and referring friends. You can choose to have your points transfer to the Drop app (or another service) to redeem them like you would for regularly earned Drop points!

Drop Review Summary

Rating 10/10 | Final Thoughts

There literally isn’t a drawback I can think of for signing up for Drop. Worst case scenario, you don’t end up spending money at any of the participating stores, and you still end up with the 3000 point signup bonus. Best case scenario, you earn rewards just by going about spending money in exactly the way you normally do. And it’s better than credit card rewards—no fees, no fear!

Sign up here and get 3000 points just for connecting your credit card.

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