Tile tracker promo code

I would like to introduce you to the Tile. This little white square is going to make you happy someday in the future. It ensures that you will never lose anything important again. Use our Tile Tracker Promo Code and read how the Tile can help you today.

Tile Tracker Promo Code

Save up to $70 off the Tile Tracker

Use our Tile Tracker Promo Code and save up to $70 off Tile

Tile Tracker Review

What is Tile?

Tile is a tiny tracker that you attach or stick to anything you might loose. Wallet, keys, or even your dog, tile works with them all. The white square holds a Bluetooth tracker that sends out a signal constantly. If you ever loose your keys, Tile will let you know where they are. Trust me, you should buy this before you loose your car keys next week.

How Tile works

You download an app from theTileApp.com and connect it to your Tiles. After pairing, the app will always be in contact with your Tile as long as it is within 100 feet. If you loose your keys, open your Tile App and click “Find.” The Tile attached to your keys will emit a loud tune until you can locate it.

It works the other way around too! If you have lost your phone, press any of your tiles and it will force the phone to ring. I know I have lost my phone at least 20 times in the last year. Pressing one of my Tiles is much simpler than logging into the iCloud website.

What if your Tile is out of Range?

Tile has thought about this and come up with some elegant solutions. The first thing you should do is check the Tile app and see where you had it last. The app records the last time and place it was able to connect with it. This should get you heading in the right direction.

If that doesn’t help, Tile has pushed it even further. They have created a Tile network of users with Tile on their phone. You can ask the Tile user community to help look for your item. If any one of their hundreds of thousands of phones is near your Tile it will let you know. The best part is the feature is completely private, so no one knows they are helping you search. Are you sold? Use my Tile Tracker Promo Code to get off your first Tile!

Read our Tile Tracker Promo Codes and review article

Tile Information

  • Tile is super loud.

    It emits a 90-decibel ring, loud enough for all situations.

  • Tile is water-resistant.

    This doesn’t mean you can take it swimming, but a good rain won’t hurt it.

  • Beautiful app.

    The design and layout are so simple even your grandmother could use it.

  • Long life.

    Each Tile lasts a full year, guaranteed. Tile will replace your old Tiles super cheaply.

How do I use the Tile Tracker Promo Code?

The tile referral program is super simple to use. Click on the links on this page and head over to the TileApp page. Currently, there are discounts available if you purchase the 4 pack, or the 8 pack.

Tile tracker review conclusion

The Tile tracker is everywhere. I see it on people’s keychains, dogs collars, and even baby strollers. People understand how useful it is. The more people that use Tile, the easier we will be able to find lost items. Get Tiled today and never lose your keys again.

Tile Tracker Promo Code

Save up to $70 when you purchase 8 Tiles!

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