Local’d Review | The Hidden Weed Delivery Service

Local’d Review | The Hidden Weed Delivery Service

I have come to rely on food delivery services in Portland. It is so nice to have my groceries delivered if the weather or traffic is unbearable. So when I heard that a company was starting to deliver weed to the area, I had to check it out. When I heard that they were delivering free weed with product orders, I was definitely intrigued.

Local’d Review: A clever workaround to get weed delivered.

So basically, according to the delivery service, Local’d, based out of Washington, DC and now in Portland, they drop off a little bit of weed with every order. If you order a standard food package, you get a small amount of weed; and if you order a premium order, you’ll get more weed, and if you want more weed for free, you can order the deluxe package. The most weed you can get is about a half ounce. This all sounded great so I decided to try it out.

You can order a food package online at getlocaldportland.com. The products aren’t cheap; it cost $55 to get a box of Tom Bumble Nutty. (Local’d has provided me a $10 discount for my readers. Use code: TOPDOWN10)

I heard good things about the Tom Bumble Nutty and I was interested to see what would come in the package. A standard package of two bars is $55, and 3 bars is $105 and 4 bars, which is the deluxe package is $205. I better get some cannabis or I am ordering the worlds most expensive candy. I decided to go with the standard package. It was easy enough and the receipt said my order would arrive within the hour. So I waited and wondered if they were actually going to bring weed with my order. Either way, local gourmet chocolate bars sounded pretty good at the time too.


The delivery arrived within the hour as promised, and I was excited to see that my package did include a small amount of weed. I don’t know why I was surprised, but part of me couldn’t believe it was this easy to get cannabis delivered. But nope, it was there. So I tried the Tom Bumble Nutty and was pleased with the taste and size of the product. It was good. But really, who cares about that. You want to know about the weed, right? So did I.

Local’d Weed Review

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t smoke a lot of weed, but I like to think I know a little. I knew this was good product when I saw how it was packaged and the care that went into delivery it. It was a decent amount of bud. They have several buds that they focus on, the most popular are the key lime pie and Girl Scout cookies. They have others, too, so you will probably find something you like.

Local’d Review Summary

Overall Rating 9.4

I cant explain enough how exciting  it was to have weed delivered to my door with some crunchy peanut buttery snacks. Local’d delivered exactly what they said they would and seem like a pretty cool company. It’s good to see that they are finding new ways to bring products to people, and in a roundabout way, raise awareness about the importance of buying local. They source their products from Portland and Washington, and work with local suppliers for their products, and weed, to bring customers a cool experience.

I did have a hard time deciding if I enjoyed the Tom Bumble Nutty or the cannabis more. I think if anyone is interested in supporting a local delivery business like this, the addition of weed is going to help them do that much more business. I mean, come on – weed and snacks for when you get antsy? It’s perfect.

Would I Recommend Local’d?

A big resounding yes. It’s pushing the limits of what a delivery service can offer. I think they are filling a void that many people have thought of doing but never had the gumption to be the first. I would recommend this service to people, not only for the convenience of having weed delivered to your door, but because you might find some really interesting local products to try and enjoy time and time again.

Head to getlocald.com and use code TOPDOWN10 for $10 Off

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