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When I was first asked to review a marijuana product, I wasn't sure I wanted to. Years ago I experimented with cannabis for sleep and all I found was that I felt down and depressed in the morning and it caused me put on weight. I had decided pot products just didn’t work well for me. And a year ago, I was gifted some fancy pot chocolate. Because of my chocolate obsession and not understanding what dose to take, I ate the entire chocolate bar and ended up having a really horrible time (really horrible). Naturally, I never wanted anything to do with marijuana again.


My friend explained, “CBD isn’t supposed to get you high.” Well what does that even mean? Instinctually, I went to google and what I read seemed to be impossible. How could it be that a pot product could not only relieve anxiety, but prevent cancer, balance your hormones, be a pain killer, treat PTSD, prevent seizures, and help concentration while giving you a good night’s sleep? How? It didn’t make sense that the same plant that made me depressed and tired could have an opposite effect in CBD form. Fighting against all of my previous biases, I decided to give CBDISTILLERY's CBD oil a try.

The product:

  • The blue bottle came nicely packaged, but when I tried to open it, I had trouble. The ‘open’ arrows on the dropper lid point to turn in the wrong direction, but either way I’ve turned it, it won’t open. I’ve had to pry off the black top lid to unscrew the bottle. Maybe its super child proofed?

  • The dropper drips a little even if I don’t squeeze it, so I’ve had to to move fast when moving it toward my mouth.

  • The taste and smell is like freshly extracted cannabis. I often can taste it a little bit in the morning from taking it the night before.

  • The color is a very clear saturated yellow and the consistency is of an oil.

CBDISTILLERY Helps Pain Relief

The thing is, I have a serious injury that is not only physically painful, but often causes me panic attacks. I’ve had three surgeries in the past year and it’s greatly impacted my life and relationships because I’m always stressed about it. I’ve always had insomnia and often need to make sure my mental health is in check. Could CBD be the answer to all my problems? I’m a firm believer in healing yourself without drugs because what happens if you run out?

For thirteen days I used CBDISTILLERY’S 2500mg Hemp Cannabinoid Extract a.k.a. the highest quality CBD oil on the market. One thing is for sure, I didn't have any experiences like I had in the past. In fact, I the CBD oil reacted completely differently than any THC cannabis product I have tried.

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Some Things I noticed With CBD

For the first 5 days I felt a bit tired and hungry, but other than that, I didn’t think it was doing anything. But by day 7 something miraculous happened. I felt lighter and had no pain from my injury. I could workout without pain during or afterwards. It was absolutely unbelievable. 

There was only one small drawback. With CBD I did feel a lot lighter and my pain went away, but I did feel a bit monotone. I’m an artist so anti-anxiety meds don’t work for me because they make me into a zombie and therefore I can’t work on my art. I think if you’re in a job that doesn’t require you to be creative, CBD doesn't really have any drawbacks that I can see.

Some things I’ve googled are,

  • “When do you start to feel CDB oil kick in?”

  • “How does CBD oil feel?”

  • “What dose of CBD oil should I take?”

In all honesty, there are still a lot of things I’m confused about. Some people say CBD takes 20 minutes to kick in and lasts for four hours and others say you don’t feel CBD at all, but based on my experience it seems for me at least it has to be used consistently for a few days to notice an effect.


One confusing part of CBD oil is the dosing. CBDDISTILLERY’S website refers to their products as “dietary supplements” and have no suggestions for dosage other than “to start with a smaller serving size and increase until desired effects are reached.” I think there must be some legal reason behind this vagueness. 

So I decided to try and do some detective work. The 2500mg bottle is 30ml, but the bottle doesn't say what’s in a drop and how many you’re supposed to take. I had to go onto their website and find their FAQ page to learn there are 4.16mg in one drop, but again I don’t even know what that means. I refered to another website for dosage information and apparently 15mg is low, 20mg is for chronic pain, and 40-160mg is for sleep. I ended up taking about 32mg twice a day and found it worked for pain but not sleep (guess I needed more for sleep). 

Every body is different, but for me, it took a full week of using CDB to start noticing effects. Some things I felt were:

  • Day 6 - dry eyes (which went away)

  • Day 7 - Pain relief. A good mood and alert, but a bit monotone with my emotions

  • Day 13 - Anxiety Level felt very stable. No anxiety, but I don’t feel excited either (the monotone thing). My Pain Level was also at a zero. I still was having trouble falling asleep so the CBD hadn't helped with that (I might need to take more).


Rating 9.4 | Final Thoughts

I wasn't sure what to expect with CBD oil, but I was very pleasantly surprised with how much it helped with my chronic pain and anxiety.

I do wish they could provide a bit more information on the bottle for us CBD newbies, but that might be a legal thing that's in the works. 

If you have debilitating pain, there is no reason you shouldn't try CBD in case it works for you like it worked for me.

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