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We rarely come across apps that are 100 percent amazing. The Service app is that an more. We were fortunate to stumble across this new app when we did. One of our reviewers got a first-hand experience of what the Service app can do for you. Read our Service App Review and see what they can do for you.

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We explore the Service app with our Service App Review

Service App Rating


Our Service App Review

We should explain what Service does before going into details. The service app deals with any customer service issues. What if your flight arrived 5 hours late? Let service know and they will get you points or even a refund! A restaurant had terrible customer service and you have proof? Let service know and they will go about getting you a refund or a free meal.

Who does the Service App work for?

Service works for the customer. If you have any issues with a company, service will fix it for you. Sounds too good to be true, right? Service is 100% true to its name. The way they get paid is if they get what you wanted, they take 1/3 commission on it. So if you get a $90 refund, they nab $30 of it (and if they score airline points, they convert the value into dollars). But if they don’t succeed, you owe them nothing.

We tried the Service App

One of our reviewers was able to test out Service with a real world problem. She had gone on many flights but forgotten to enter her frequent flier number. She was eligible for thousands of free miles. She had already spent hours on the phone trying to add them, but it was tough because the flights were older than a year. She almost gave up but discovered the Service app.

She gave service 3 different things:

  • Her airline frequent flier number.
  • Emails that show her tickets to the different locations.
  • A brief explanation of what she wanted.

Then she forgot about it and moved on with her life. Three days later Service emailed her and told her that all the points were in her account. They had dealt with it completely while she lived her life. They saved her hundreds of dollars of free flights. She told us we had to write a Service app review that day.

Find out how the Service app can help you!

How does the Service App work?

It doesn’t seem like they make enough money off each transaction to be worth it to them. But we believe that Service professionals can interact more smoothly with customer service, thus going through more transactions than individuals would be able to. A long term benefit is also that other companies can then hire fewer employees to work the customer service phones. We could be wrong, but this is our best guess!

Service App Review conclusion:

How Service can make enough money off 1/3 commission is beyond us. I recommend using Service as much as you can while it is that cheap. I know that our reviewers at TopDown reviews will be.

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