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Froth or First Round On The House is a cocktail drinking app. On the surface, it may seem similar to other apps Hooch or First Call, but it is pretty unique. Froth is completely free, as in you don’t even need to enter a credit card. The only catch is there are a limited number of drinks each day. Read our Froth Review and find out why you need to try this cocktail drinking app.

Learn how to get free drinks in NYC with our Froth Review

Froth App Rating


Froth Review: First Round On The House cocktail drinking app.

What is the Froth App

As we look at our Froth App, we see that there are currently only 82 free drinks left in NYC. We checked it a minute later, and that number had dropped down to 81. It made us very excited and also very panicked at the same time.

Froth is an invite only drinking app that covers a limited number of rounds for their subscribers. When you log into the app, you can book a drink for that night as long as there are spots available. Make sure to check often because spots go quickly!

How to join this magical app

Froth is an invite and referral based system. If you know someone who has the Froth service, you can join under them. Otherwise, head to the Website and sign up there.

How much is Froth

We know it is hard to believe, but Froth is completely free. You can even invite a friend or two if you send then a guest pass through the Froth app. Friends don’t let friends drink alone.

Read our Froth Review and find out how to get free drinks every day.

The Bars and Drinks

Froth has around 50 bars in NYC now, but that number is always increasing. They are starting small in NY, but we hope they will move to LA next. Each bar has a profile page which lets Froth members see what drinks are available.

Froth Promo Codes

Why would you need a promo code for something that is completely free? That said, we can’t imagine this app will stay free forever. If Froth does start charging, make sure to check TopDown Reviews for Froth Promo Codes. We are also willing to give away some precious Froth invites for the first five people who email us at

Froth Invite Codes

Head over to Froth Today!

Froth Review Summary

Apps like Froth and Hooch are making the NY nightlife a lot more exciting and accessible. Make sure to check your Froth app early every day; the free drinks disappear quickly. The time it took us to write this post the number of free drinks dropped from 83 to 76.

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