The Best Free Drink Apps

Free Drink Apps

Free Drink Apps

These 4 Unique Apps help you get free drinks free drinks when you’re out at the bar (flirting not required)! Available in NYC, SF, LA and more!


1.  Hooch (Use code b78514)

Available in: NYC, SF, LA, Miami, Dallas, Austin, NJ, Phoenix, San Diego 

The Hooch app allows you to get a free drink every single day from one of the featured bars, for a monthly membership fee of $9.99. It’s available in LA, NYC, SF, Miami, Dallas, Austin, New Jersey, Phoenix, San Diego, and Hong Kong (of all places).

You can’t choose ANY drink you like, but each bar always has at least 2-4 different delicious drink options. Sometimes the options are simple like beer or wine, but usually they are extremely fancy cocktails worth $15+. I’ve tried so many new cocktails using this awesome app, and gone on so many inexpensive adventures with friends because of it. I’ve used it both in LA and NYC with great success. Be sure to tip your bartender a bit generously—I usually do $2 per drink, or $5 for two drinks, and be sure to have the tip out on the bar when you’re letting them know you’re using Hooch. They’ll be a tad less grouchy about you scoring a free drink that way.

COUPON: Get your first month for only $1 (normally $9.99) with the coupon code b78514.
Visit for more details.


2.  First Call (Use code COUPS)

Available in NYC 

First Call logo

First Call is very similar to the Hooch app, but is only in New York. The monthly membership is a bit more, at $25/month. But there are TONS of bar options on there—so just going out twice a month with this app will pay off the fee.

COUPON: Get your first month for only $5 (normally $25) with the coupon code COUPS.
for more details.



Available in NYC 

Froth App logo

This app is entirely free, and will get you a free drink any night of the week—but it’s only in New York. The one catch is: There are a limited number of free drinks available, and you have to reserve your drink before someone else does. It’s not too hard—if you sign up during the morning or afternoon you have a good chance to get one, especially if it isn’t Friday. And you can pick your bar from their list, or have them make suggestions based on what you like.

Visit Froth.NYC for more details.


4.  Happy Any Hour

Available in NYC 

Happy Any Hour Logo

The Happy app is also free, and only works in New York. But it doesn’t quite get you free drinks. What it does get you is a discounted happy hour—at any time you want it. You can view the various available bars on the app, along with what happy hour deals they offer. When you’re ready, reserve your 60 minute happy hour!

Visit for more details.


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