Hooch Review

We recently discovered a new app called Hooch. The app promised to give us one free drink every day for only 9.99 a month. We didn’t actually believe what the app promised so we had to give it a try. Much to our amazement, the Hooch app went above and beyond our expectations. Read our Hooch review and raise a glass to this app.

PS. Be sure to use the Hooch discount code b78514 for a discount on your first month.

Get a free cocktail every day with the Hooch App. Read our review as we try out this amazing service.

Hooch Review

What is Hooch.

The Hooch app is an on demand subscription app. Customers download the app and create an account. The app will show you the nearest bars that accept the Hooch app. Or customers can go to the map and see where the Hooch bars are around them.

Clicking on the bar will show you which drinks are available. Every bar offers 3 different free drinks. Don’t worry about being stuck with PBR or bud light. We have used the Hooch app at almost 20 bars so far and found the drinks are amazing. We have had everything from $20 cocktails to seasonal beers rarely on tap.

When you arrive at the bar, have the Hooch app already up on your phone. Select the drink you want and show it to the bartender. When you select the drink it should take you to a page that says ready to redeem. Make sure the bartender sees you confirm and you are done! Sit back and enjoy your free drink. This was our favorite part of the Hooch Review. (Make sure to show some love to the bartender as well.)

Each drink easily costs more than the 9.99 Hooch monthly cost. When customers first sign up they can get 7 days for free. Or you  can use our Hooch Promo Code b78514 and get a discount on your first month! Trust us, you will be glad you did.

Finding New Hooch Bars

We found that using the Hooch app exposed us to some amazing bars. The app causes us to try new locations. We could go back to the same Hooch bar repeatedly, but it is fun to find new bars. We recommend trying out bunch of them. The app has partnered with some truly amazing bars.

We have created a Hooch tutorial to make signing up easy.

  • Download the Hooch App Here.

  • Sign up for discount on your first month with our Hooch Promo Code HAPPY10.

  • Search for Nearby bars or select from the map.

  • Select the drink in front of the bartender and confirm.

  • Enjoy your free cocktail. (Worth more than the entire monthly subscription. Especially since our Hooch Coupon codes gives you a free month)

We try out the Hooch free drink app in our Hooch review.

Hooch referral program

This Hooch app spreads mainly through word of mouth. It is an amazing service, but still a very new one. Hooch needs your help to give away free drinks! Its simple to join the Hooch referral program. Sign up for an account (Using our Hooch coupon code b78514). When you access the app look for the menu item: Earn Free Months. Then share the code there with your friends. Its that easy to earn free drinks.

Hooch Promo Code

This is the code customers should share with their friends. Let them know that you have a Hooch Promo Code that will get them a free month of drinks. That is over $300 dollars of drinks if you go out every day. That makes the Hooch promo code one of our most valuable codes on our site. Let us know how your Hooch promoting goes!

Free Drinks

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Hooch Review Summary

The Hooch app is one of our new favorite apps. Who doesn’t like getting a ton of free drinks? They have opened our eyes to some amazing bars that we may never have tried before. We recommend this app to anyone over 21.

Our Hooch Promo Code b78514 gives you the first month free! So give the app a shot. We don’t think you will regret it. We hope you enjoyed our Hooch Review, let us know of any new apps you have discovered!

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  1. Hey Stan — Thanks for your review. I’ve read in some places online that you must first buy a drink to claim your free drink. I was a bit surprised because this is not explicit when you are downloading or have downloaded the app (there is nothing saying so in the app’s content). What do you know about this?

    1. Hi Cilla,

      We had a similar thing happen in NY. They made us order an appetizer in order to get the deal. Though, when we checked the Hooch app the stipulation was written in the description of the bar. If it isn’t written there, then you definitely don’t need to buy anything to get a drink. We would report that bar to Hooch so they can speak with them, either through the app or here https://hooch.co/contact-us/

      TDR Team

        1. We have spoken with a few bartenders and they say that business has increased quite a bit. We definitely hit up Hooch bars before any normal ones.

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