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Filld Review: On Demand Gas Fill Up

Filld is a fuel delivery service that comes to you any time, day or night, and provides you with the cheapest gas in the immediate area. Customers can schedule a time to get their tanks filled and the company shows up and fills your tank. Pretty simple. The company has professional drivers – only 10% of applicants are accepted into the company – TSA clearance, HAZMAT certification, criminal background checks, over 100 hours of training, and they’ll come to your home or office whenever you need them to show up.

Filld Review

Filld offers customers an easy-to-use app where they can “order” fill-ups of gas. I decided to try having my car filled at home in the evening. I logged onto the app, which was pretty straightforward: I had to enter my vehicle information, determine a location where I wanted my gas tank to be filled (in this case it was my home), I picked a time for the driver to show up (I asked for 6 pm), entered my payment information and then submitted the request. Filld uses debit or credit payments to complete the transactions through the mobile app.

On the evening of my request, a truck pulled up in front of my house, and a young man hopped out of the branded truck and hauled a long hose to my vehicle, parked in my driveway. I popped my head out of the door to say hello and to thank him for coming. He seemed pleasant and happy to help provide the service. I had originally pre-authorized a $75 fuel charge, but I only needed $45 in the end.

Once the driver finished filling my vehicle, he waved goodbye and that was that! It was super easy to get my tank filled and not have to leave my house 20 minutes earlier the next day to stop at the gas station on my way to work. It was nice to see how friendly the driver was and that they came and went quickly. Even if I had to run out, it wouldn’t take the driver long to finish what he or she was doing so I could get on my way. I think the convenience of this service is genius.

Filld is Coming to Los Angeles

Filld is making its way to Los Angeles to provide busy commuters and professionals an opportunity to wake up to a filled tank of gas or head home at the end of the day already having their tanks topped off. If you do some quick math, the company isn’t making a ton of money off bringing you the gas. They are working hard to make it economical and convenient. I like that. I will be a customer of Filld for a long time to come now that I know how reliable and affordable the service is and I can’t wait for them to show up in Los Angeles so I can tell my friends and family to get on board with this really great service.

Pros and Cons

The service is as advertised. The one thing I worried about right away, however, was how easy they made it to forget about having to fill up your tank. I quickly made subsequent appointments to have my vehicle topped up on a regular basis because I could see how I would get used to having this “luxury” service and then end up running out of gas somewhere because I didn’t stop for gas myself.


  • The gas Filld uses is the cheapest price out of the closest 3 gas stations
  • They come right to your door
  • They only bill for what they put in your gas tank
  • You can schedule multiple visits and never have to worry about stopping at the gas station again!


  • If you have to unexpectedly leave your location and you miss your fill up service, you can be billed if the fill up truck has been dispatched
  • You might underestimate a gas fill up appointment and need it sooner than expected
  • They aren’t everywhere!

Filld Review Summary

Rating 9.6

Filld is an awesome service and they provided exactly what they said they would: a professional and courtesy driver showed up at my home and filled my gas tank. I wish there were more services across the country like this for when I travel out of California. It’s such a great idea and Filld makes it so easy to just get in your car or truck and hit the road.

Download the App and get Filld up today.

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