Tree to Tub Review | These Soapberry Products Are The Bomb

Tree To Tub Review Soapberry shampoo

I’m a stickler about the products I use on my body. Chemicals to get clean? They usually leave my skin dry and rashy. Still, most natural products don’t work. The solution? Enter the soapberry.

Tree to Tub Review: You Need Soapberry In Your Life.

Eco-conscious Tree to Tub makes body products that are not just good for the environment, they’re good for your skin, and they’re all made from a berry that grows on a tree. I was a little skeptical at the concept – could a berry really clean my body? A video on their site showed me how it works. When rubbed between hands, the berry naturally lathers into a gentle, cleansing foam. Amazing. I kept looking, and turns out Tree to Tub offers more than just body wash, they have facial cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, all boasting low irritation and high nourishment. I figured I had to give soapberry a try.

The Soapberry Products

Tree to tub soapberry shampoo

I used the shampoo first – I chose peppermint, but you can also get lavender or unscented. I’m happy to say, I loved it! The peppermint was refreshing and it really woke me up in the morning. And most importantly, it truly cleaned my hair. No greasy midday locks for me.

tree to tub soapberry bodywash

Next I tried the body wash, this time I went with the lavender (the wash has the same scent options as the shampoo). The scent soothed as soon as I poured it from the bottle. Everything washed off easily, leaving my skin feeling nice and clean.


  • Because of the sustainable, eco-friendly manner in which they cultivate these berries, grown in Taiwan before they’re shipped to San Francisco, you’re looking at a higher expense than the standard pharmacy options. A bottle of 11 oz. body wash or shampoo is $28.00.



  • Expensive
  • Only two scents to choose from, or scentless

Tree to Tub Review Summary

Rating 9.5

These soapberry products are all natural, and they actually work. Tree to Tub looks like a newer company, so I hope in time they’ll come up with a few more scent options, although I did like the ones they already offer. It’s expensive, but understandable considering the quality of the product. This is a great option for anyone interested in all natural body products that really clean. (click for 2 Free Bottles)

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