Club 54 Has The Mens Clothing You Need

Club 54 Has The Mens Clothing You Need

This is my second review of Club 54, you can find the first one here. If you are looking for how the service works I have a quick description below or a more in depth one on the last review. In this review I am more focused on showing what customers can expect for their second month of Club Five Four.

Club 54 Subscription: Box #2

Club 54 sent me the first box to review for free, so I wasn’t actually expecting a second month. I am pleased they did send me a second box as it helps me show you a greater range of what to expect with the service. If you are ready, scroll down and check out what items of clothing came this month. If you are ready to buy, click here to head to Club 54.

My Club 54 Items

Five Four Timor Jacket

Timor Jacket

The Style

Easily my favorite item of this month. This jacket looks great and does a great job keeping me warm (almost too good in Socal). This jacket is casual, yet nice enough I could wear it on a date.

The Fit

Its always hard finding jackets that fit my body (thin waist with long arms). I was pleasantly surprise that the Timor jacket had the perfect length sleeves yet was still tight on my mid-section. There was still a fair amount of room at the stomach for thicker men.

Five Four William Zip-Up Hoodie

William Zip-Up Hoodie

The Style

This was my second favorite item in the Club 54 box this month. Five Four took a chance with the mis-matched color sleeves and it totally payed off. I was actually looking for a brighter hoodie as all of my other ones are dark colors. The cotton material is very soft and comfortable, keeping me snuggled up and warm.

The Fit

This hoodie had the perfect length sleeves while still being form fitting around the mid-section. It is exactly the size of hoodie I would have picked out for myself at the store.

Five Four Robert Geller Yosemite Jogger

Robert Geller Yosemite Jogger

The Style

I’m not sure I am cool enough to pull off the sweatpants in public but I’m willing to try. These super soft joggers are extremely comfortable, though I probably won’t wear them outside of the house.

The Fit

They fit perfectly, though I sort of expect that from anything with an elastic waist. The legs end at above the ankle which gives me a good deal more mobility when walking compared to my older sweats.

Five Four Robben Short Sleeve Shirt

Robben Short Sleeve Shirt

The Style

This was my least favorite item this month. The Robben shirt sleeve shirt was absolutely huge. I’m not sure if it is designed to be tucked in, but I couldn’t see this ever looking good on me. I might try giving this to my girlfriend for a sleeping shirt.

The Fit

Unless I am missing something, this shirt was designed for a man at least 2x as large as me. The stomach area could have fit two of me and it almost went down to my knees.

Club 54 Box #2 Overall Decision: 3/4 ain’t bad!

This months RatingĀ 9.3

Club 54 really nailed the sweaters and jackets in their box this month. I love that they target their clothing to the upcoming months, it makes my life a lot easier. I was a little confused by the sweat pants, but it does seem like that style is coming back. My only negative would be the Robben Shirt which was absolutely massive. Did Club 54 get everything perfect this month? No. Would I keep using them? Yeah, even with the one bad shirt it was still much cheaper than shopping at the store.

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