The Grommet Review

the grommet

The Grommet is a unique marketplace full of tons of various bits and bobs that make the perfect gift—for yourself or others!

The Grommet Review

I was lucky enough to be given a $50 promo code by the people at The Grommet to make a purchase and try the site out for myself. It was incredibly hard to choose exactly what I wanted—there are SO many cool things on there, and a ton of them are even under $25! You can sort by a variety of different methods, including who your recipient is, what they might enjoy doing, or what category of product you’re wanting.

After being torn between a ton of cool options I did finally make my picks—see below.

My Grommet Gift Items


LifeStraw: Personal Water Filter

I’ve recently been collecting up items for our earthquake emergency kit, and a LifeStraw was something that I’d heard about but always assumed was super expensive. So when I saw it on The Grommet for only $24.95 I knew it was time to take the plunge!

The LifeStraw allows you to drink safe, clean water—from streams or other sources. It filters on the spot!

Overall a really cool grommet to purchase for yourself or a loved one who enjoys camping or who is collecting up their own emergency kit!

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Zipbuds: Juiced 2.0 Tangle-Free Earbuds (Glow in the Dark)

I’ve been needing some earbuds that block outside noise better, and these looked like the perfect pair. Plus, their zippered cords meant I wouldn’t constantly be untangling them.

Unfortunately there was a flaw in their design—you absolutely cannot be moving when you use them, or there is a lot of feedback noise. But! If you’re sitting still, like at work or on a plane, they are amazing at blocking out the outside noise and making it so you don’t have to blast your eardrums to hear what you’re listening to.

Since I bought these mainly for flights, I’ll be keeping them around. Besides, they glow in the dark!

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Overall Summary

Rating 9.0

I absolutely loved browsing all the awesome items on The Grommet, and was impressed at the speed with which the items were shipped. Plus, I found more than a few items that I bookmarked as future gifts for family and friends.

If you’re in need of a gift for someone, don’t miss out on exploring the site!

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