Club Five Four October 2017 Review

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Fall is here and I am ready for some cold weather clothing. I love styles and colors of this time of year. I couldn’t wait to see what Club Five Four had in store for me.

Club Five Four October 2017 Review

Club Five Four is a men’s clothing subscription service. They send out 3-4 seasonal clothing items each month for the reasonable cost of $60/month. If you don’t care about my review, click here to head to Club Five Four.

My Club Five Four October 2017 Items

Five Four Club Robert Geller Torn Jeans

Robert Geller Torn Jeans

The Style

Not the biggest fan of these jeans mainly because I don’t like the ripped look style. These jeans were also a little bit too baggy for my tastes. I look at Five Four as a quality clothing service and torn jeans don’t really seem to fit that look. (Warning: I put my toe through one of the rips the first time I put the pants on a ripped it even more!

The Fit

These jeans fit very nicely at the waist and were a good length. I was very comfortable walking, jumping and moving around. If they had less rips and were less baggy, they would be the best jeans in my wardrobe.

Five Four Club Nomad Sweater

Nomad Cardigan

The Style

This cardigan looks like it was made for a woman. I am not sure what type of man could pull off this look, but it isn’t me. It is very soft and I would have given it to my girlfriend but it was way too big for her sadly. Five Four also included a giant safety pin as a fashion accessory.

The Fit

This fit me a little large, but not enough that it is unwearable. I wish they would have made it on the smaller size so I could have passed it on to my girlfriend.

Five Four Club Stedman Tshirt

Stedman Tshirt

The Style

Nice enough shirt, but not anything I would write home to mom about. It was pretty soft and the dot pattern seems trendy enough.

The Fit

This shirt fit well enough but I wasn’t all that happy with how it made my body look. It accentuated my man boobs and made me a bit self concious.

Five Four Club Renaldo Tshirt

Renaldo Tshirt

The Style

This was probably the best item of the month when it comes to style. I have already worn this shirt out a few times and the response has been very positive. I like the random sized circles and light grey color.

The Fit

This shirt also fit my body very well. It was tight in the right places and hung on my chest nicely. I tend to think of myself as a medium, and the Renaldo medium size T-shirt fit perfectly.

Club Five Four October 2017 Review Summary

This months RatingĀ 8.5

This was the worst Five Four month for me. Of the four items, only one seems like anything I will add to my wardrobe. I still gave it a 8.5 rating because all of the clothing is very comfortable and extremely well made. I look forward to seeing how well Club Five Four does in November.

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