Surkus Review

Surkus is a crowd-sourcing tool that helps fill venues. Users sign up for the Surkus app and earn money going to events. The event looks more popular and more people go to see it. It’s a win-win for both the Surkus user and the event that hires them. Read our Surkus review and find out what exciting events await you.

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Surkus Review

What Surkus does for the app user.

Surkus is an app for extroverts. Or, introverts who are into pushing their limits. Once you sign up for the app, it shows you a list of events in your area. Next to the event is the price amount they pay you to attend. Users select the events they want to attend. They connect with an event host who is in charge of organizing the Surkus users.

Once the host approves you, then you are good to go! Show up at the event and sign in with the host. Then sit back and enjoy it! Our testers have been to many events and had a great time at each. The events are always fun and earning money on the top is even better. As an added benefit, Surkus is offering $5 off for new users. Simple enter this Surkus referral code mpjgt and get $5 just for signing up!

What Surkus does for the Venue

This sounded almost too good to be true to us. How could they pay people to go see events and still earn money? We discovered that it is actually the venue that shells out the money. It is important that venues look popular. If a customer sees a bar full of people, they will believe that it is a good bar.

What Surkus does is connect the venue with a large database of users. It’s like a modeling agency, except on a more general level. The Venue tells Surkus it needs a certain amount of people. Surkus then reaches out to its users and hires them. Its the closest many of us will ever have to hiring an agent.

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How to go to the good events.

Surkus rewards the users who go to the most events. The more events you attend, the more the app will send you. They always reward their best users with more money. The events they push your way become more elite and better paying. It pays to be social.

Uploading your image

The app requires the customer to upload an image of themselves. We have heard that good looking people get cast more often with Surkus. Make sure you upload your best picture into the app. Remember, its your job to make that venue look beautiful.

Surkus review summary

The Surkus app is a lot of fun if you love going out to events. Surkus users earn money and attend the event for free! Try it out yourself and see what events are happening nearby. You can earn a lot of money while having fun.

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