Surkus Promo Code

Let me introduce you to the glamorous world of Surkus. Surkus Crowdcasting is a new service that pays you to be one of the crowd. Sign up now and earn $5 with Surkus Promo Code mpjgt.

Surkus Promo Code

Earn $5 dollars just for signing up

Earn $15 cash when you sign up with Surkus Promo Code mpjgt

Surkus Review

How Surkus CrowdCasting Works

Surkus is one of those win-win ideas. They are able to gather a large crowd of people for any event. In return, those people earn money just for showing up. The more events you go to, the more money you earn. Surkus will also reward you by sending you the more exclusive venues first. I heard some Surkus users were actually paid to go to the Playboy mansion!

What type of events are on the app?

I have gone to many Surkus events in my area. The most common I go to is an improv comedy routine. Surkus even has online events for any location. Users log in from a computer and enjoy the event from home. I have even gone to a last minute concert. Surkus is all over the map.

You are never forced to attend anything you don’t want to. Though, Surkus does give preferential treatment to people who go to a lot of events. It’s their way of tempting people to go get paid. If you are up for a surprise night out, its well worth it.

How much money can I make with Surkus?

You can make a lot! Basic events like the comedy routine earn you $5. When you start going to a lot of events you get offers for more exclusive castings. This is where you make the big bucks. I also think it helps if you are sexy. Luckily I have that covered.

How can Surkus make any money?

You know that comedy club I get paid to go to? The ticket price for that is $20 a person. When people see a long line for the club, they think that it is super popular. Those people go see the comedy and the venue gains more money. Surkus is great at filling a place and making it look good!

They are so good at it that they need more people! They are now giving new users $5 just for signing up with Surkus Promo Code mpjgt.

Use Surkus Promo Code mpjgt and get $5 just for signing up.Learn more about Surkus Crowdcasting and use our Surkus Promo Code

How does it work?

Surkus is simple to use. Choose the event you are going to. You connect with a host who organizes the Surkus people. Just make sure to check in with him/her when you arrive at the venue.

Then sit back and enjoy the show! It makes it all that much better knowing it was free. Better than free, you are earning money! Join now with my Surkus Referral code mpjgt!

How do I use the Surkus Promo Code?

The Surkus referral program is super simple to use. Whenever you sign up for an account, enter the Surkus promo code mpjgt to get $5 free!

Surkus review conclusion

I love using Surkus. I have never gone to an event I regretted. There is no reason not to try them out, especially since they are giving away $5 with the Surkus Promo Codes.

Surkus Promo Code

Earn $5 dollars just for signing up

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