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Sock Panda Review

Price: $10 – $20 /month

Sock Subscription
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The Socks!

I received two pairs of socks in the mail this month. One was definitely for business while the other was for fun. I’m not normally one for socks, but these socks have just changed my mind.

I am sad to say that until this point I have been wearing plain black socks. The idea of patterned or designed socks was a foreign concept. When Sock Panda sent me these socks, the first thing I wondered was when I would even wear them. As it turns out, I now wear them every single day.

Sock Panda Subscription

Sock Panda Subscription

Before I go into more detail I should explain more about Sock Panda. They are a subscription company that sends out one to two pairs of socks each month. They have 4 different subscriptions; men, women, tweens, and children. For men and women there are two styles, a fun sock and a business sock.

Customers can choose to get the socks as a gift or for themselves. Each month is between $10 – $20 depending on what combination of socks you get. I decided to get the combination of fun and business which came out to $19/month. I wanted to try out a range of socks.

My Sock Panda Review

I mentioned earlier that I only wore black socks. Socks always seemed hidden by pants so I never understood why they needed to be style accessories. The moment I started wearing my Sock Panda socks, I realized just how wrong I was.

The first day at the coffee shop, people came up and commented on my socks. They loved the fun colors and wanted to know where I had gotten them. Until this point I didn’t even know people could see my socks. I decided right then that the plain black socks were out and these new socks were in.


Sock Panda uses 85% Peruvian cotton and it feels great. They aren’t too thick, but they don’t feel thin and cheap either. So far the elastic has held and they stay in position on my leg. I will update this review in a few months to let you know how the socks have held up.

Sock Panda Review Summary

Sock Panda discovered a subscription niche and done a great job filling it. The two pairs I received for my first month have given me some extra attention. Look aesthetic aside, the socks themselves feel great. They are the right thickness and hug my leg comfortably. If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe, Sock Panda might be the subscription for you.

Rating: 9.3

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