Rukkus Review

Rukkus wants you to go out. They are working with big and small events to find the best seats for the best prices. They collect all the information into one location. Customers can sift through it easily and find a show. Looking for a ticket? Rukkus will have it, and at a great price. Read our Rukkus review and find out why this service is going to take the US by storm.

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Rukkus Review

There are tons of different ticket sales companies available. This Rukkus review will highlight some of the reasons why we think Rukkus is unique. We will also tell you about a few of the Rukkus competitors. Join us as we analyze this new service from the top down.

What is Rukkus?

Rukkus is a ticket sales company. They help customers find tickets to the latest shows for the best prices. They have a bunch of tools and goodies that help the customer choose. Rukkus claims that they have the widest selection of tickets, with the best deals. We wanted to test out if this was true.

Our Rukkus experience

We downloaded the Rukkus app here. Users can either log in right away or just browse. It was easy to create a Rukkus account. All you need is a valid email and password. Then we were browsing all the events.

The UI of the app is gorgeous. This is probably one of the cleanest ticket ordering apps we have seen. The event images look beautiful. Customers can select current dates available from the main page.

Once you selected a date and time the Rukkus app brings you to the seat selection. This is one of the novel things we have found with this service. Customers to choose their seats with a real-time 2-d rendering of the theater. It helped us understand where our seats would be in relation to the stage. After that, the customer selects the seats and enters their payment information. It was easy and simple, just what we like to see.

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Rukkus Recommends

This is another cool feature that we haven’t found with other competitors. If you like or hate events on the Rukkus app, it will learn from you. The App will start to recommend events that it thinks you would like. They have a “for you” section where you can find events that Rukkus believes you will like. We haven’t seen enough shows through Rukkus to test this feature. We will do a follow-up review after a few months to update our findings.

Rukkus E-tickets

Some people like to keep their ticket stubs, but think about the trees. Rukkus will send you E-tickets when they can. Your tickets arrive instantly after you buy them and work directly from your phone. Never worry about losing your tickets again. We love this feature and think you will too.

The Rukkus buyer Guarantee.

This is what we like to see. Rukkus guarantees your tickets will full confidence. If anything goes wrong they will deal with it completely. We always like to see services that own their product and cover it fully. If you want to read more, they have a section covering their buyer guarantee.

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Rukkus review summary

We loved this service. We are always looking for simple, easy to use apps. The Rukkus iPhone app is beautiful in its simplicity. They have a huge selection of play, concerts, and events and their prices are much cheaper. Give Rukkus and try and see how it easy it can make your night out.

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