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I’ll be the first to admit that my puppy eats better than me. I am always on the lookout for the healthiest (and tastiest) treats for my dog. Luckily I think that search is about to get a whole lot easier.

Prized Pet Review

When I discovered Prized Pet I originally thought they were just a new online pet store. I was searching for some TreatSimple sweet potato fries. Of course I got lost looking at all the other goodies on the site. It certainly isn’t as big as the huge online chains, but Prized Pet carries some really nice dog toys and treats.

If you have ever bought TreatSimple before, they aren’t exactly the cheapest treats out there. That is why I was so excited when I found them for 1/3 the price on Prized Pet. That is a significant savings and meant some extra treats for my puppy.

Prized Pet Box

If you cant decide what to get, Prized Pet offers a nice solution. They send out a subscription box each month with a random 8 oz treat, 5 oz treat, and one meat or chew treat. You can get all that each month for only $16.99 each month (the price includes shipping).

What came in the Prized Pet Box

This months box came with

  • Teriyaki beef bites by Lucky dog ($7.49)
  • Bowwow Snicker Doodles by Paws Bakery ($7.50)
  • BarkWorthies Rabbit Roll ($1.55)

Prized Pet Box Review

I am happy to say that my dog loved all of them. He especially enjoyed the rabbit roll. I always worry that I am going to get ripped off by subscription boxes but this one was great. The items were worth more than the box without even including shipping. This is definitely a fun way to get new treats for my pup.



  • Healthy snacks are more expensive than other treats
  • Store is a little sparse

Prized Pet Review Summary

Rating 9.3

Prized Pet has some of the best natural products for the lowest prices I have found. However, I can tell that Prized Pet is still new as they don’t have that many items in their store. Looking for a surprise each month, try out their Prized Pet box

Looking for a discount? Check out our Prized Pet Discount page to save at least $7.

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