Flying with your Dog in the Cabin – How to do it for Free

Flying with Your Dog in the Cabin

As any pet owner knows, your cat or dog is more than a pet—they're a part of your family. And often, there are vacations and trips you take where the idea of leaving them at home is painful.

Did you know that you can quickly and easily register your dog or cat as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) online? Once you're approved, you can start bringing your pet on transit—including flying on airplanes—for free! 

Note: If you want to skip all the explanation and just start registering them right away, click here.

How to Start Flying with your Dog in the Cabin (for Free)

It's really easy to register your cat or dog as an Emotional Support Animal. To do so, you need a doctor's note, but the site allows you to quickly get one through their site. You can qualify as long as your pet satisfies some of the following:

  • They make you happy
  • They reduce your stress
  • You sometimes feel sad when you're away from them

You will have to answer a quick questionnaire about how you feel and have been feeling in the past few months, which takes less than 5 minutes. At the end of it, you receive your approval (95% of applicants are approved), and can purchase your ESA doctor's letter.

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Support Pets allows you to register your cat or dog for either a housing ESA or a travel ESA.

Travel ESA - Cost: $97

  • ESA pets fly for Free on domestic and international travel
  • Pets can stay inside the cabin
  • ESA's can join you in terminal
  • Valid on all airlines
  • Avoid all extra travel fees

This is the absolute easiest way to start flying with your dog in the cabin for free. No need to buy a seat for your dog on the airplane or anything like that. Granted, there is an upfront cost of $97 for the application, but after that you can take your dog or cat on any airline, anytime, for free.

Housing Letter - Cost: $97

  • ESA pets can live in any property
  • No more pet restrictions
  • ESA pets do not require deposits
  • Approved for houses and apartments

Combo Letter - Cost: $194

  • Covers both domestic and international plane travel for pets, for free
  • Pets can now live on any property, for free
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Hopefully this helped you in your search for finding a way to bring your beloved feline or canine family member with you when you travel internationally or domestically.

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