YaDoggie Review: Unboxing the welcome kit, plus a $10 referral code

YaDoggie Review : An unboxing of the Ya Doggie subscription box for dogs

Do you ever worry that you are feeding your dog too much or too little? Or perhaps you don't realize you're almost out of dog food until you bend down to scoop and you come up nearly empty! Luckily for others like me, a new service called YaDoggie has come to the rescue. 

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YaDoggie Review: Dog Food Delivered To Your Door

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to make your life easier. That is why I was so excited when I discovered YaDoggie. They work with you and your pup to discover the correct amount of food needed for a healthy lifestyle. Then they use that information to ensure that a new order of dog food is on your doorstep before you run out. I love the concept, but how does it work in real life?

Each YaDoggie subscription begins with a welcome package. It has food, disposable poop bags, a tennis ball, some treats, and a plan to help switch your dog to the YaDoggie food.

Here's a little video about the welcome kit:

YaDoggie Welcome Kit review

Ya Doggie Review box

YaDoggie Box

First off, I was very impressed with the quality of the box contents. Everything was wrapped beautifully and packaged with nice materials. It felt very boutique.

The treats were a huge hit with my German Shepherd. She's pretty old and creaky, so she normally doesn't get up for many things, but she was following me around like she used to as a puppy after just one YaDoggie Jerky treat (the number one ingredient is beef).

The ingredients in the dry food are all listed on the outside, and it looks extremely healthy and simple. Just how I like my own food to be, so why wouldn't I do the same for my dog? And boy, did my dog love the taste. If you watch the video, you can see how enthusiastically she scarfs it down. Which is rare for her—normally she's not a huge fan of dry food unless I mix some wet food in with it. 

Note: Included is a helpful transition guide on how to ease your dog into the new dry food. This is to make sure they don't get a stomachache, which is what can happen if you make sudden changes to their diet.

The welcome kit also came with some doggy poop bags (always useful) and a cool tennis ball. My dog isn't much of a ball chaser these days, but some of her doggy friends are so the ball will find good use!

The Concept

Going forwards, YaDoggie will be sending me a $69 26-lb bag of my dogs favorite flavor every two months. They have smaller bags as well, in case you have a smaller dog that goes through food less quickly than mine. 

In terms of convenience, having the food come in the mail before I run out is a pretty sweet deal. Having a professional speak with me about how much my dog should eat is even better. The less things I have to think about during the day, the happier I am. Now I can save that trip to the grocery store and take my dog to the dog park instead!

YaDoggie Review Summary

Rating 10/10 | Final Thoughts

I loved the welcome kit and am really excited to start getting more of the dry food for my dog. She really gobbled it down, and I feel happy knowing that it's made from good stuff. Plus, I don't need to lug those heavy bags from the store anymore!

I definitely recommend the YaDoggie subscription to dog owners—and how can you go wrong with a $1 welcome kit anyway?

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