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Passport To Beauty Review now includes a subscription box

Passport to Beauty has everything you need to pamper and beautify yourself. They provide makeup, skincare, and wellness. As if that weren’t easy enough, they have created a Passport to Beauty box that sends beauty products and tips from countries all over the world.

Passport to Beauty Review

Passport to Beauty provided me one of their products to try out. I love pampering myself so I was only so happy to accept. They sent me the Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask with Collagen and Rose Oil. They say that the mask has luxurious colloidal gold along with collage to promote your skins natural beauty.

Passport to Beauty Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask

Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask

Putting On The Mask

The instructions were easy enough to follow, but being as inexperienced as I am, the mask was a bit tricky to apply. The mask was a bit too tiny bit big for my face (I have a small head), and was sliding over my chin. I held the upper lip strip of the mask in place or it would rest right over my mouth.

How it Feels

The initial feel of it to the skin is silky and cool, and smells deliciously of roses and other essential oils. It just like essential oils being rubbed into my skin, and making my skin shiny.

My skin felt a lot younger after I finished, but I didn’t notice a lot of visual change with my skin. Maybe it takes a few days to really give a significant effect. I would say I mostly enjoyed the experience of putting the mask on and the feel of my skin afterwards.

Things to Note

The mask states that it is one-time use mask as well, yet there was plenty of leftover essential oil mixture in the pouch that it could have been reused maybe one to two times more after the fact.

$35 (

The Passport To Beauty Box

While I loved the gold mask, the real excitement for me is the Passport To Beauty Subscription box. It is coming soon, but already I am drooling over the concept. They will be sending out a different box from countries around the world, each containing beauty products and tips from that region.  

Passport To Beauty has already talked about their first 3 boxes. They will send out a box every 2 months.

  • Barcelona

    Enjoy the beautiful Spanish Riviera.

  • Tibet

    A mystical journey through beauty.

  • Buenos Aires

    Feel the Passion and Heat of Buenos Aires

Passport To Beauty Review Summary

Overall Rating 9.4

The Gold Mask by Passport To Beauty was a fun experience and I really did love how my face felt afterwards. I never really noticed any visual change but my skin did feel fresh and rejuvenated. I am also looking forward to the Passport to Beauty Subscription box. It sounds like a fun way to explore beauty products from around the world.

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