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We love apps that force you to explore. So when we stumbled across the Pairchute app (yes it is Pair-chute), we were so excited. Pairchute offers a Pairchute Pass that gets users deals on food and drinks all over town. We have already checked it out, and the 9.99 monthly fee is well worth the discounts available. (Use Parachute Promo Code HAPPY5 to get half off your first month!) Read our Pairchute Review and get ready for some free food and drinks.

Read our Pairchute review to learn more about this exciting food and drink app.

Pairchute app Rating


Pairchute Review

What is Pairchute?

We are glad you asked! Pairchute is actually like the Hooch app that we have reviewed earlier. Customers pay $10 a month and in return receive a ton of deals they can use once a day. You might assume they are bad deals, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We will go over what venues and offers are available further down in the review.

The Pairchute pass

The Pairchute pass is what customers will sign up for. You can explore the app and see what places are trending without paying a dime. Find new bars and delicious restaurants in one simple app. But we all know that isn’t the real reason people will be using the Pairchute app.

The Pairchute pass is the actual goldmine for users. Once you pay the 9.99, Los Angeles opens up for you. Going out becomes a great deal cheaper when you can get free Moscow mules. Not a drinker? Get free house cut fries from Library Bar.

What types of places are on Pairchute?

We love going to the Libary bar, especially now that drinks are half off with the Pairchute pass. While you are there, why not get free house cut fries too. The list of bars and restaurants is large, and only growing bigger. Customers can choose from a ton of places. Try Sixth Street Tavern, Library Bar, Fritzi, LA Biergarten, The Church Key, Bao Dim Sum, and so much more.

Read our Pairchute review and use our pairchute promo codes

Are there Pairchute Promo Codes?

There are Pairchute promo codes. When you sign up for the Parachute pass, it will ask for a promo code. Enter the Pairchute promo code HAPPY5 and enjoy your discount. Once you have signed up with our promo codes, why not refer your friends.

Pairchute referral program

It can be a bit tricky locating the Pairchute referral program. When you sign into the app, click the menu button at the top left of the screen. A menu with a bunch of options will appear. If you click the access code, it will take you to your personal access code. Share this referral code with your friends and get them a discount.

Where is Pairchute located?

Pairchute currently operates in Los Angeles. We have found that apps like this tend to grow rather quickly so keep an eye out. It could be coming to your city sooner than you think.

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Pairchute Review Summary

The Pairchute app is an excellent way to find new bars and restaurants in Los Angeles. This city can be notoriously expensive, so any discounts are very appreciated. The Pairchute app makes going out a good deal less painful. Sign up for the Pairchute pass and explore LA without breaking the bank.

Use our Pairchute promo code HAPPY5 when you sign up.

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