Luuup Review Cat Litter Box

Get 10% Off Your Luuup Cat Litter Box

Get 10% Off Your Luuup Cat Litter Box

The Luuup is a cat litter box with a unique twist. Other boxes require customers to scoop waste out by hand. The Luuup uses offset holes to allow customers to empty it with the shake of the box. Read our Luuup review to find out how well it works.

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Does It Work?

The Luuup is one of those ideas that seems great but could go horribly wrong in use. There are a lot of conflicting reports about the Luuup. During our Luuup Review we found customers are split down the middle, finding a few problems.

The Luuup does work as promised, making it easy to sift out the waste with little manual effort. It is a breeze to empty the bin into the trash and replace it beneath the stack. Cats also seem to love the Luuup, quickly finding their way into the little box.

The real problems come from the fact that not everything works well in real life. Cat urine can stick the cat little to the sides of the Luuup, forcing customers to scrub and clean the bin. This scrubbing defeats the whole point of the Luuup which is supposed to be easy.

The sifter holes are also a bit larger than normal, and waste could continue to circulate from bin to bin. The result is dirtier cat litter that needs to be cleaned more often.

Truth be told, no product is perfect for everyone. While there are a bunch of unhappy customers, there are a ton of happy ones as well. It is an excellent idea and getting the cat waste out is simple. The real trick is finding out if the Luuup will work for your particular cat situation.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick way to sift out cat waste
  • Hands free cleaning
  • Very clever design and idea
  • Plastic is tough and durable
  • 10% discount available


  • Cat urine can cause issues
  • When customers do have to clean the Luuup, there are 3 parts that need to be cleaned.
  • Some smaller waste can fall through the sifter holes.

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Luuup Construction

Deconstructing The Luuup Kitty Litter Box

The Luuup was crowdfunded on Indiegogo, raising over 2 million dollars. People it seems were eager to find a new way of dealing with cat waste. There were only two methods up until that point, scooping by hand or a Robotic sifted like Litter Robot. One becomes tedious, and the other can be a bit pricey.

The Luuup is a surprisingly simple idea. In hindsight, it seems like such an elegant solution. The Luuup box is three different sifting trays that nestle atop one another. There are holes at the bottom of all three trays that allow the cat litter to sift down, but catch the waste.

When you lift the top tray, the cat litter falls through, but the waste is caught. The cat little falls into the two trays below, cleaned and ready to be used again. Customers can then empty their bin easily into the trashcan. Then place it at the bottom of the Luuup bins.

The holes are offset in such a way to keep the cat litter from falling all the way through all three sifting trays. This system means no spill and an easy way to dispose of cat waste.


    Lift the top layer and sift gently. This will allow the cat litter to fall while catching the cat waste.


    Dispose of the waste in the bin without any hassle


    Make sure to rotate the tray so that none of the cat litter can escape your Luuup


    Place the tray at the bottom of the stack. It should fit snug. If it rocks that means you need to rotate it 180 degrees.

Luuup Costs

The Luuup is moderately priced at 49.95. They do offer a discount if you purchase more than one. They also have a warranty on the Luuup in the case of damages. It is up to the customer to decide if the Luuup is worth the cost. Let us know what you think in the comments section at the end of our Luuup Review.

Luuup 3 Tray Sifting System




Cat Litter Box Luuup Review

The Luuup is an clever way to deal with cat litter. Its offset holes make for a hands-free way to clean up cat waste. The product works as described for most owners, though a few have had issues. We love the concept but recommend customers take the Luuup with a grain of cat litter.

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Yes if Unopened

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Comments 4

  1. Save you money. This system is hard to use, messy, heavy to sift every time, slits clog with urine soaked litter and NO REFUND.

  2. Here is an honest opinion of the Luup cat box, by someone who has always hated cat boxes.
    The Luup is a really good idea and it has some great benefits, but you need to buy one with reasonable expectations. Buying a Luup will not transform your cat into a top pee-er. The cat will continue to dig a hole and to bury it afterward. Consequently, there will be pee balls stuck to the end or side when you sift it. Do not complain that it does not come out as clean as it is in the demonstration. It is real cat use and not a demonstration.
    The cat pee balls will stick to the slots in the bottom, and wiping them with a piece of toilet paper will undoubtedly push some pee ball into the empty slot when you do this.

    Do not blame the Luup when this happens. It is physics not a deficiency in the design.
    Keep a chopstick near where you empty the cat box and after wiping the clods off the bottom sides and ends, use the chopstick to empty the slots. Make sure there is no cat litter stuck on, under or in the slots so it can seal well.

    Now, if you need to wash the cat box, which I recommend once in awhile, you have a fully functional cat box in use while you do and you didn’t have to find a box or bag to empty it into to do so. Your cat, if like mine, will be waiting for the clean cat box as soon as you finish lifting off the top one.
    For you as well as your cat, you can keep more cat litter in the box and you might want to try different brands of cat litter to see if any help the bottom clumping. Some are not a 100% clumping litter and the non clumping part will be the sticker.

    Also, a tip. Use a larger trashcan in the room where you empty the box. One that opens as wide as a kitchen can, not one of those cutesy little bathroom ones. Put a kitchen trash bag in the trash can on top of the trash in it. Spread the bag ends over the sides of the TC. empty the Luup and put the toilet paper used to clear the clumps in the trash with the rest. then twist the bag neck and lay over the side on one end of the trash can. This can be lifted out or kept on the inside of the trash can for the next day and tied and thrown out when it has a few days of clumps in it. Having just one cat, I don’t need to throw it out but once a week. I tuck the twisted end of the clump bag under the edge of the trash can liner already in the can. This keeps it closed and out of the can so I can open it the next morning. Lift it slightly to clear it from any trash that has been put in the can and open the bag to the edge of the can.

    The Luup in a great innovation to the regular catbox, it is not purrfect but it is a great improvement over what we had before. Don’t complain that it has not changed your cat, it was meant to change the way you clean the litter box, and it does allow you the luxury of washing it every day if you want to without all the extreme mess and problems of doing so before.

    Thanks Luup! I will never go back to the old cat boxes again!

  3. This litter box is an over priced piece of trash. Poorly designed and poorly executed. Did you get paid for this review? I’m glad the box works for the above poster, but that isn’t the dominant view on the internet and absolutely wasn’t my experience. I have to say, no other purchase I’ve ever made in my life has infuriated as much as this one.

    Here’s why:
    1. I was constantly cleaning up litter from all over the house b/c the litter box is too shallow.

    2. Sifting is not a neat process- it’s bad for your health (air borne particles) and it’s a bit difficult to get it to sift neatly to the tray below.

    3. Nod to the above person who wants to wash their litter box every day. I really really don’t want to wash and disinfect the litter box every day, but for it to work properly you actually have to, because no matter what litter you purchase clumps stick inside the slots, so to sift, you have to wash and declump, which means sticking something like a chopstick (or just a stick) into the slots and getting the clumped litter out.

    4. Clumps stick to the side, so again, to work properly, you have to get much more hands on with your cat’s waste than you would normally.

    5. Luup doesn’t care that their product is not working for the majority of users. I initially contacted them when I first started using it, they told to me to change litter brand, which I did, to no effect, except now I was using litter with a toxic mix of smelly chemicals. I’ve contacted them regularily since throwing it away, they’ve yet to leave me a response.

    Definitely wasn’t expecting my cat to pee and poo differently, but was also not expecting to increase my contact with my cat’s waste. It’s really foul. After five months, I finally gave up and the threw the thing away.

    Bottom line: save your money.

  4. What a piece of overpriced garbage. Have to clean the trays every time and sometimes have to double sift for smaller bits definitely not worth the money.

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