Empty Faces Review: A Paranormal Monthly Subscription

Empty Faces Review

Empty Faces is the next projects from the creators of the exciting monthly suspense Hunt a Killer. Instead of murder, they are taking us on an adventure into the supernatural. I couldn't wait to try it out!

Empty Faces Review

The concept

Empty Faces follows the same basic concept as Hunt a Killer. Each month users get a new package that has clues and story lines for you to follow. It is exciting to learn about the characters and start solving what happened and how.

Empty Faces

I have only done two months of Empty Faces, but as fas as I am concerned they have hit a home run with this one. I did enjoy Hunt a Killer, but I found it a little bit too hard. (Check out the Hunt-a-Killer forums if you think I am joking.) With Empty Faces, I feel like they hit the perfect balance. I am able to solve puzzles and feel rewarded, but I am still left with a bunch of questions each month.

The box contains around 7-9 items each month, very similar to Hunt a Killer. The story line is focused on a more supernatural concept that allows the creators of Empty Faces to do some pretty cool stuff. I don't want to give away too much, but there is a part of month two that really blew my mind.

Is it really scary?

I did read online that Empty Faces was scary, but I haven't really found that yet. Instead, I feel like I am getting the excitement that I was missing with Hunt a Killer. I am fascinated with the story line and I love solving the puzzles each month.

Empty Faces Review Summary

Rating 9.6 | Final Thoughts

I actually rate this higher than Hunt a Killer. It is an exciting story with some great puzzles and clues. I look forward to getting the next one in the mail! 

Try it out for yourself! 

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