Hunt A Killer Review | Can You Solve The Clues?

Hunt A Killer Review. You have to think like a killer to find one

You’ll need to step into the mind of a killer to solve the clues in this monthly subscription. If you think being a detective is easy, think again. Discover just how engaging sluething is in my Hunt A Killer review.

Hunt a Killer Review: My Experience

I always get absorbed in old murder podcasts (like Serial) and murder mystery shows. So when I got a chance to review the monthly subscription Hunt A Killer I jumped on it. Based on what I read online, I’d be able to uncover a mystery through clues sent to me over time. I am pretty good at escape rooms, so I felt pretty confident.

Hunt A Killer Review First Box

Be Prepared

I received my first package in the mail near the end of the month. Each subscriber starts off with the same package, so don’t worry about coming into the story late in the game. The package had an assortment of items ranging from a Hunt A Killer pin to letters, to old articles and strange maps. I don’t want to go into specifics, but the items were well thought out and very real feeling.

I spent the first half hour trying to understand what I had in front of me. I spent the next half hour searching for hidden clues or meanings in the items I had received. I only lasted a few minutes more before I headed to the HAK forums to get some help.

The HAK Forum

It seems most people will need to become a forum member to make their way through this subscription, as it’s not something that is easily completed solo. Plus, it is exciting to share discoveries and pick up hints here and there. The community is very helpful and I am guessing essential to the Hunt A Killer game.

With a few hints and comments on the form, I was able to make a few steps forward and solve a puzzle. After hours of racking my brain, it was beyond exciting to figure out the clue. But—just like real life, after I solved the clue it only led me to another more clue.

Be Prepared To Work

I am beyond impressed with the quality and amount of work that has gone into Hunt A Killer. The documents and items could easily be found on the desk of Rust Cohle from True Detective. With that being said, it seems like you will need to put in the same level of work as a real detective to solve the clues. And I definitely suggest opening this with a group of friends or family—I found that the most headway was made when we were all brainstorming over a glass of wine.


  • Hunt A Killer has created an amazingly immersive, fully flushed out murder series
  • The clues in each package are super high quality and made from diverse materials
  • Clues involve real life books, websites and characters
  • Each month brings a new set of clues to help you discover more of the story
  • Very helpful HAK forum for those particularly tough clues.
  • $30 a month is pretty inexpensive for the hours of “entertainment”


  • I was a little lost about what to do at the beginning
  • Clues are pretty complex—not something you can casually solve on your own—unless you’re a riddle genius. You’ll likely need friends and the help of the online community (which is also kinda fun)!

Hunt A Killer Review Summary

Rating 9.5

If you are looking for a very real feeling murder mystery game, then Hunt A Killer is the subscription for you. It is challenging, well made, and definitely leaves you wanting to continue. However, for some it might be a tad frustrating—you’ll need to work together with others, and solved clues will inevitably lead to more clues. But every clue you do solve is extremely satisfying!

So put on the coffee and get ready to do some research….you have a Killer to hunt.

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