Delicious Local Food in Vienna

Delicious Local Food in Vienna

Avoid expensive schnitzel and overcrowded, overpriced restaurants. Head to these local favorites instead.

Ferry to Algiers Point

Glacis Beisl

A secret little garden restaurant hidden between two street levels. You can either reach it by decending from Breite Gasse where the entrance it looks a bit like a derelict urban graffiti area, or from below behind the lounging area near the Leopold Museum.

For snacking: Grab a glass of their house wine, and a small cheese plate.


Sausage Stand

If you’re in the Museums Quarter and need a quick meal, there’s no better place than Bitzinger’s. It’s near the Tourist Information office and sometimes has an odd sculpture on it’s roof (when we went it was a green bunny).

They have a ton of different types of sausage (we liked the Currywurst and the Bratwurst) that are served with condiments and a wholegrain slice of bread.

Eat on the steps of the nearby fountain.

Carousel Bar in New Orleans


There are a ton of unique coffee shops around Vienna. Just walk around and you’ll come across something random and interesting (like das Mobel Cafe).

For me, Vollpension was one of the more unique cafes I’ve come across. It’s styled in the form of an outdated elderly-persons home—complete with old photos, mismatched armchairs, and even pill boxes on the tables. This family-run cafe draws the old and young alike, and is well known for their cakes.

Note: They only accept cash.

Carousel Bar in New Orleans


You won’t be hard pressed to find gelato places galore—but our favorite desserts in Vienna were definitely tortes.

Try a slice of the chocolate raspberry one at Tart’a Tata (and sit in their outdoor patio if it’s nice weather).

Note: They also only accept cash.

Carousel Bar in New Orleans


Heurigers are outdoor taverns that are popular in the summer. They serve either plates from the menu (order from the waiter), or food by the kilo from the counter indoors.

You have to travel a bit outside the city center for a good traditional one. Our favorite area for Heurigers was Neustift am Walde, which you can reach using the 35A bus. Try Weingut Wolff if you can’t decide which you like the look of!

Note: They usually open at 4pm.

What Not to Eat

I suggest avoiding eating Schnitzel while you’re in the center Vienna.

The tourist restaurants know that you are going to order it, so they hike up the price insanely. €18 for some pounded breaded meat is ridiculous (trust me, I’ve made it—it isn’t complicated or expensive AT ALL).

Also, be careful about water at restaurants. They will not bat an eye at charging you €7 for a bottle of water. Ask for Leitungswasser (tap water). Should be free, even if they act disgruntled about it.

We hope you manage to make it to at least one of these places and let us know how it went!

Ps. If you’re wondering how to get Vienna around we recommend taking the Metro or using Uber. Here’s our full list of transportation recommendations in Vienna.

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