The Top 5 Ways To Get Around Vienna

The Top 5 Ways To Get Around Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city full of hundreds of wonderful attractions. With so many things to see, it’s no wonder travelers want to know the best way to get around. I have compiled the top 5 ways to get around Vienna so you can get excited about seeing everything on your list.

Using the Ubahn in Vienna Austria

U-Bahn Vienna Subway

In general, I usually am not a huge fan of public transportation. They are normally too crowded and poorly timed. That being said, the U-bahn Subway in Vienna changed the way I look at public transportation.

The U-Bahn is AMAZING. The trains run every 5 minutes, the stops are perfectly placed and numerous, and everything is clean and organized. Traveling around the city on the U-Bahn was a dream and so unlike my normal subway experiences in big cities. If you are in Vienna for more than 2 days, I recommend getting the week pass as it’s a better deal.

Ticket Prices (Discover More)

Walking the city in Vienna Austria


Vienna looks big on the map but I quickly discovered that it is relatively walkable. The Center of Vienna is the tourist area with the Opera Hall and Stephansdom Cathedral. But a 20 minute walk will take you into any number of other sections of Vienna, from the Museum district to the Shopping district.

Combining the U-Bahn and walking will take you anywhere you need to go in Vienna as a tourist.

Walking Maps  (Discover Them Here)

Using the Free City Bike in Vienna Austria

Free Biking In Vienna

You didn’t read that wrong—the city of Vienna offers free bicycles to anyone. There are bike stands setup around the city with hundreds of bikes waiting to be rented. Grab a bike and head across the city without paying a dime.

There is a one Euro fee to register your citybike account. Each bike is free for an hour each time you rent, only charging a Euro if you keep the bike for over an hour (I don’t see how you could in Vienna).

CityBike (Discover More)

Using Uber In Vienna Austria


Uber is booming in Vienna and a very convenient way to get around with Luggage. We had a small medical emergency and found that the nearest Uber was only 3 minutes away.

The city of Vienna is pretty far from the airport. Uber will take you for only $30 while taxis cost $36. While Vienna does have a fantastic subway system, sometimes getting a ride is needed.

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Using on demand scooters in Vienna Austria

On Demand Scooter Rental

This is honestly my personal favorite way to see any European city. Vienna has 2 different scooter apps that allow you to rent scooters right off the street. There is something magical about scootering between ancient buildings in a foreign city. Registering is free and you pay per minute up to a flat daily rate. (Discover More)

Getting Around Vienna Summary

Whether you are walking or scootering, Vienna is a truly wonderful city to visit. It is full of restaurants, museums, coffee shops and a vibrant night life. Being able to visit it all easily makes Vienna one of the best cities in my opinion.

You may have noticed that I did not include a car rental in this list. I did actually rent a car using Drivy but found driving through Vienna to be hectic and panic inducing. Instead I recommend taking your car rental outside of the city and explore Austria’s beautiful countryside.

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