Cool Gel Dream Bed review

The Cool Gel Dream Bed is Mattress Firm’s answer to the mattress in a box. They took the concept of a delivered bed and sped it up. Customers can get the Dream Bed delivered to their house One Day after they order. Its a bold move by Mattress Firm who has only recently made their debut into the mattress-in-a-box industry. Read our Cool Gel Dream Bed Review and discover how well Mattress Firm is doing with their new mattress.

Cool Gel Dream Bed Review

Get ready for a soft sleep

The Cool Gel Dream bed is a softer mattress. It boasts a 3-inch layer of memory foam at the top. The memory foam does a great job conforming to the sleeper. It does sink quite a bit so not the best mattress for back sleepers. We give the Dream bed a 4 out of 10 on the mattress firmness rating. (10 being the firmest)

One exciting feature of the Dream Bed is the adjustable frame. The mattress is able to bend and shift to meet any frame shape. If you need to sleep upright, the Dream Bed will work with your frame. The Dream bed mattress will also work on any flat surface. The bottom of the mattress has tiny studs to help with grip. There is no need for box springs, though they won’t hurt.

A snuggly bed that will cradle you

The Dream Bed had quite a lot of sinkage. Sleepers sunk an average of 3 inches into the mattress. This is great for side sleepers but not the best for sleepers with back problems.   We hesitate to recommend such soft mattresses to back sleepers, but the reviews have online have been very positive.

The other negative of a soft memory foam top is the lack of responsiveness. Unlike firmer beds like the Leesa, softer beds require more energy to move around in. This means getting out of bed is harder on those cold mornings.

Dream Bed Coolness And Gas.

It is always interesting to see how each different mattress company deals with the heat issue. Softer mattresses with a thick memory foam tend to be hot. Mattress Firm dealt with this problem by creating a thin layer of cooling gel on the Dream Bed. The gel sits just beneath the cover and wicks away the heat as you sleep. Sleepers find that the Dream bed sleeps relatively cool so it must work to an extent.

Customers have reported a bit smell after opening the box. It takes a day or two before the chemical smell disappears. We recommend opening the box with your windows and doors open.

Cool Gel Dream Bed Promo Codes

Pros & Cons


  • A softer mattress ideal for side sleepers
  • Delivers in under 48 hours
  • Gel foam keeps this memory foam mattress relatively cool
  • Very little horizontal motion transfer, so sleepers won’t disrupt their partners
  • Very inexpensive compared to other mattress prices
  • $50 discount available to new customers


  • Full memory foam lacks the responsiveness of latex or spring mattresses
  • Slight amount of Off-Gassing

We recommend this bed to sleepers who:

  • Want a softer bed
    The Dream bed gets a 4 out of 10 in our firmness rating. It will provide a softer sleep ideal for side sleepers.
  • Want a good level of hugging from their bed
    The Dream Bed will hug the sleeper. If you are looking for a snuggly bed the dream mattress is ideal.
  • Want a soft bed that still remains cool
    Mattress Firm uses a gel layer to help maintain a cooler sleep environment. It is often hard to find a memory foam mattress that isn’t overly hot.

Dream Bed Promo Codes:

Get up to $50 off with our Dream Bed Promo Code. Dream Bed had given TopDown Reviews a $50 coupon to give to our readers. They have since ended the program. New customers can get the Dream Bed through Amazon and get Free Shipping.

Mattress Construction

We took apart the Cool Gel Dream bed to see what it looked like on the inside. The Mattress Firm has done some pretty cool stuff under the covers. Let’s take a look at the different elements.

  • Mattress cover

    The Dream bed cover feels strong and durable. The woven fabric helps disperse the body heat.

  • Top layer

    The top layer is a thin, 0.125″ layer of Cool Gel. The Gel absorbs the heat from your body. It did work, though not as well as some customers might have liked.

  • Middle Layer

    The middle layer is a 3″ memory foam. This is the real comfort of the mattress. It cradles the sleeper, wrapping snuggly around the body.

  • Bottom Layer

    The foundation layer. The dream bed has 7.5″ of high-density foam to give the needed support.

See how the Cool Gel Dream Bed is construction in our Dream Bed Review

Mattress Cost

The Dream Bed is offered at a great price. Customers can expect to pay $499 for a queen mattress. The shipping is free and arrives under 48 hours. Let us know what you think about the price in our Cool Gel Dream Bed Review comments section.

Dream It Forward

The dream it forward program is a nice touch. Dream Bed donates a mattress for every mattress purchased. If that doesn’t help you sleep at night then the Dream bed will.









Mattress Customer Support and warranty:




Cool Gel Dream Bed Review Summary:

The Dream Bed mattress is a great mattress for side or light weight sleepers. The 3″ of memory foam give a comfortable sleep. The Gel foam does cool you down, though some sleepers still were a bit hot. Overall, customers reported a good night sleep with the Cool Gel Dream bed and we think you will too.

Buy a Dream Bed today take part in the dream it forward program.  Customers can try dream bed out stress free knowing there is a 180 day trial period.





Risk-Free Trial Period

190 Night

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