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chilisleep's chiliPAD is a fantastic tool for sleepers who find themselves too hot or too cold. It uses a small pump to push temperature controlled water into a pad on your mattress. It does create a small amount of white noise and for those extra senstive to sounds. The pad itself has thin lines which my partner found bothersome, but I didn't notice. If you have extra cash and are looking to take your sleep to the next level, the chiliPAD is definitely worth checking out.

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chiliPAD Sleep System

The chiliPAD system uses circulating water to maintain a constant bed temperature of your choice. It is comprised of two parts, the pad that lays between you and the top of the mattress, and the cooling/heating pump. The pump cools or heats the water that is then pushed through the pad as you sleep.

My Experience

The setup is very simple, but does require you to crawl under your bed. The cube shaped pump is a bit heavy and it wasn't the easiest crawling under the bed to plug it into the wall. Once the pump was setup, it was very easy to then attach the water tubes from the pad itself. I found that the whole process took about 15 minutes (that was setting up 2 pumps for each side of the bed). I did have to make a separate run to the grocery store as the pumps require distilled water.
The chiliPAD really does work, and it works quickly. I am a pretty hot sleeper so I didn't have all that much faith that it would be able to keep me cool. I very quickly found that the chiliPAD was more than up to the task. I actually had to keep raising the temperature from their recommended 65 degrees.

The first night I found myself waking up every few hours to adjust the temperature, but it was worth it for the second night. Once I had dialed in the perfect temperature, it felt great and really helped me stay cool. Its been two weeks since I started and each night the temperature stays at a balmy 75 degrees on my side of the bed. My partner likes it a bit warmer, so she has her side set to 79.

While the chiliPAD does a great job of maintaining the perfect temperature, it does have a two problems. The biggest issue for me was the noise. The pump isn't exactly loud, but its still a good amount of white noise (disclaimer: I sleep in complete silence). I was particuarlly annoyed that it made a noise even when it wasn't cooling or heating the water. This means you have a constant low whirl sometimes with a louder fan as it cools or warms the water. The pad itself is the second issue. There are thin tubes of water running lengthwise in the pad. I wasn't particually bothered by them, but my partner found they forced her to sleep in unnatural positions (disclaimer: I believe the princess and the pea might have been written about her).

Pros & Cons


  • Very good at cooling or heating
  • Setup instructions are very simple and easy to setup
  • Dual sides allows for different temperatures in the same bed
  • Works very quickly to cool or heat the bed.
  • Free Shipping and 90 trial


  • A good amount of white noise
  • Thin tubes in pad could cause light sleepers discomfort

We Recommend The chiliPAD To Sleepers Who:

  • Sleepers who have a lot of temperature issues at night
    This pad will get you to a temperature and keep you there.
  • Sleepers who don't mind a little white noise
    While I found it to be pretty noisy, I know a lot of sleepers who would pay money for the white noise created by the pump
  • Consumers trying to get the best possible sleep
    This pad ensures you stay at your perfect temperature, giving you a much better and restful sleep.

Mattress Construction

The chiliPAD comes with two main pieces, the Control Unit(pump) and the Chili Cool Mesh(pad).

  • Control Unit

    13oz (390ml) water reservoir tank

  • Control Unit

    auto shut off when water is low

  • Control Unit

    patented cooling + warming water technology

  • Chili Cool Mesh

    fits every standard mattress size

  • Chili Cool Mesh

    7 foot (2.1 meter) tubing designed to work with adjustable bed frames

  • Chili Cool Mesh

    no electric wires to worry about

Mattress Cost

The chiliPAD is either $499 for one person or $999 for two on a queen size bed.

Learn more about the chiliPAD here

Queen (single)


Queen (Double)


King (Single)


King (Double)


chiliPAD Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping
  • 90 night trial period
  • 2 Year Warrenty




chiliPAD Review

The chiliPAD gives you complete control over your temperature with only a few small annoyances.

If you are a heavy sleeper who finds themselves too hot or too cold then the chiliPAD is for you. It does a fantastic job maintaining your temperature of choice the entire night.

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