Leesa Mattress Review

The Leesa Mattress is quickly becoming on the biggest names in the mattress in a box industry. Lessa uses a unique Avena foam and solid construction unique to their bed. The result is a superior mattress that will last you many years. Read our Leesa Mattress Review to understand how and why the Lessa might be the right mattress for you.

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Read our Leesa Mattress Review and learn about this great mattress.

Sleeping on the Leesa Mattress


The Lessa is a 6 out of 10 in the firmness scale (10 being the firmest). Customers like how Lessa constructed this mattress to feel. The top layer of Avena foam blends well with the memory foam beneath. The result is a slightly firmer bed that still has the right amount of comfort.

When it comes to support, the Leesa won’t let you down. The two top layers rest on 6 inches of high-density foam. The result is a comfortable sleep that still supports your side and lower back. We had trouble finding customers who had any soreness or pain after sleeping on the Lessa.


It is always good to know how much a mattress sinks. Soft beds or ones with too little support will often have a significant sinkage value. Beds that are too hard will have too little sinkage. Our research found that the Leesa comes in at 2″ of sinkage which is perfectly in the middle. The Lessa will have a little give, but won’t suck you down like quicksand.


The Leesa utilizes two different technologies to keep the sleeper cool. The first is their poly-lycra mattress cover. Lycra fabric is primarily used in sports clothing, designed to keep the athlete dry and cool. The second technology is the Avena foam top layer. This material breathes during the night to pull heat away from the sleeper.

We have yet to find any customers who complained of any smell after unboxing. If there is a slight odor, it should completely dissipate in a few hours.

How the Leesa is Made


The next step in our Leesa mattress review is to look under the covers. Find out how their three layers combine to give a superb sleep.

  • Mattress cover

    The Leesa uses a poly lycra blend that is soft yet highly durable.

  • Top layer

    The top layer is 2″ of Avena Foam. Avena is a unique material that is superior to traditional latex. It gives an excellent feel while still keeping the sleeper cool.

  • Middle Layer

    The middle layer is 2″ of memory foam. This material provides the needed support and compression beneath the Avena top layer.

  • Bottom Layer

    The final layer is a solid 6″ of high-density support foam. This foam is the real structure of the bed and keeps the sleepers body supported.

We break down the beds construction in our Leesa Mattress Review

Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

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  • 100 day completely risk free trial period!
  • 10 year full warranty
  • For every 10 Mattresses bought, Leesa donates one to a homeless shelter
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Mattress Cost

The Leesa is a perfectly priced mattress and their sales have shown it. The Leesa is rapidly becoming one of the biggest Mattress-in-a-box brands. $890 is a great deal for their bed, but customers can get an extra $75 off that with discounts.










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Quick Read: 

Leesa Mattress Review Summary

The Leesa is one of the best customer recieved mattresses we have reviewed. The Avena and memory foam layers create a great blend of comfort and support. If you are looking for an inexpensive slightly firmer mattress then the Leesa is for you.

Leesa Mattress Rating













Who should buy the Leesa

  • Back and stomach sleepers who need a slightly firmer bed.
  • Sleepers who need a cooler mattress in warmer climates.
  • A sleeper looking for an overall great mattress for a good price.

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