Brentwood Home Griffith Dog Bed Review

Brentwood Home Griffith Dog Bed Review

I don’t have to tell you how important it is to dog lovers to give the very best to their dogs. When it comes to food, toys, clothes even, and beds, pet lovers will spare no expense. Myself included. When my furry friend Dodge was in need a new bed, I checked some local stores and didn’t find anything I liked; or, thought I thought Dodge would like. So I started looking online and came across Brentwood Home Griffith Dog Beds on Amazon, and then I found out that I could get a discount if I ordered directly from the website.

Brentwood Home Griffith Dog Bed Review

About Brentwood

Brentwood offers orthopedic beds for dogs that come with washable coverings, and foam mattresses from the same material that the company uses to make their beds for humans. I was pretty excited to be able to offer my dog a bed that was of “human quality”. So I decided to order one.

My Experience

I was expecting a large box to arrive on my doorstep but instead I saw a long rectangular box. I thought I had received the wrong thing. Nope, I was just assuming there was a fully inflated dog bed inside that box, and there was a dog bed, but it needed to be unrolled and needed time to “inflate” to its proper state.


I was pleased to see that the construction of the dog bed was of a good quality, and the foam mattress was topped with a cooling gel pad, which was a nice touch. The liner is fully removable and waterproof and it has a non-slip surface so the bed doesn’t move under the movements of my dog. The material reminded me of a good quality men’s suit. It was really nice. It seemed to be stitched together well and I could imagine it would hold up to when the dof was getting a little rough with it.


There are four sizes to choose from: small, medium, large and extra-large. I have a Golden Retriever and he’s a big guy, so I got the large size bed. It turned out to be just the right size so if you have a smaller dog, a medium might do the trick. I imagine the small is for animals of the cat variety or lap dogs.

Overall Look and Feel

The dog bed didn’t stand out like the sore thumb in my family room, which was nice, because I’ve had some pretty gross looking dog beds come in and out of my home over the years. It’s very modern and clean looking – at least for the time being – and the mattress seemed “firm” when it finally inflated to its proper size.

The Wash Test

Taking the cover off the dog bed is simple: there is a zipper to remove it. I turned it inside out and put it through the wash to see if there was going to be any issues with shrinkage or with loose threads coming visible. I washed the cover with cold water and soap and then hung it up to dry. After the spin cycle in the washing machine, the cover was practically dry anyway, but I decided to hang dry it for a few more hours. I put the cover back on the mattress without any difficulty and there didn’t seem to be any issues with the stitching or construction of the cover after washing it. As far as I could tell, there was no bleeding of the color during the wash. I had put a towel in with it to see if it would absorb some color, and there was no transfer of color to the towel. Success!

Brentwood Home Griffith Dog Bed Review

Rating 9.4

I was impressed by the quality of the bed considering I ordered it online and didn’t have a chance to get a feel for it before I made my purchase. I was also a bit surprised at how firm the mattress was. My Dodge likes to sleep on our sofa, which is quite firm, so I thought he would enjoy this bed. If your pet likes to sleep on a pile of old blankets or something a lot softer, you might consider getting a different bed, but for the big dogs you need support, this is a great option. Overall, the bed is exactly what I had hoped it would be and it fit in great with my family room surroundings. The price was a little more than I would have paid for a dog bed in a local pet store, but the fact that my dog sleeps on it regularly and uses it means I made a good choice and that is worth all the money in the world to a dog lover.

The kids also thought it was a great bed for Dodge. They liked that it was big enough that they could lay on it with the dog and pet him and carry on with him when he was hanging out on the bed, so that was a nice surprise too.

Considering the range of sizes and the quality construction of the bed, I would probably invest in another when the time came, and I would recommend it to my friends with pets who are considering getting new beds for their pets.

Head To Brentwood and give your pup some comfort today.

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