Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers are in luck when it comes to mattresses. Laying on your back allows for a better pressure distribution than side or stomach sleepers. The biggest issue back sleepers face is getting the proper amount of support through the night.

Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers 2017

Here are my picks for the best mattresses for back sleepers in 2017 so far. Prices listed are for queen sized mattresses.

  1. Amore Firm – $850 | Great for back sleepers, or dual comfort option for back + side sleepers
  2. Nolah Sleep – $849 | Great for back sleepers
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  3. Eyri – $895 | Organic, great for back sleepers
  4. Love and Sleep – $599 | Great for back + side sleepers (good for couples!)

While I was compiling this list, I focussed on mattresses under $1200 and also made note of which ones work for both side and back sleepers (in case your partner has a different sleeping style than you).

Below I go into detail about the criteria I use for determining a good back sleeper mattress, and share details about each of my top picks.

The Criteria for a Good Side Sleeper Mattress

Choosing a mattress as a side sleeper can be a tough process. Many bed factors can have a drastic effect on your sleep. Firmness, Support, Pillows, and Temperature all play vital roles through the night. It’s important for side sleepers to choose wisely, as a bad mattress will affect you more than back sleepers. Pinched nerves and back alignment issues are just some of the problems you could face. Understanding all the factors helps guide us to discover the best mattress for side sleepers.

1. Support

Back sleepers feel the firmness of a bed immediately, but your body will notice the support over time. When looking for good support, buyers should pay attention to the bed’s construction. Beds should have a firm foundation that is at least 6″ high. We have found that coils provide the best support, but they do cost a bit more money. Many of the beds use a high-density memory foam layer that blends slowly to the softer top.

Back sleepers should monitor their bodies each morning after they have bought a new mattress. While having a soft comfortable bed is nice, it is important to protect your joints and spine.

2. Firmness

It is important to know the difference between firmness and support. Firmness is the initial feel of the bed when you first lay down. Sleepers sink into softer beds, while remaining on the surface of harder beds. Support comes from the denser layers beneath, providing a foundation for the sleeper through the night.

3. Temperature

Scientists have found that temperature plays a huge role in sleep. Overheating even a few degrees can cause a night of restless sleep. While temperature is more important for side sleepers because they use soft mattresses, back sleepers can also overheat. Softer beds are (memory foam especially) notoriously hot, but some firmer beds can overheat as well. We always check to ensure the mattresses maintain a good temperature range.

4. Pillow

As important as any bed, the pillow can make or break a good night’s sleep. Back sleepers should use a thinner pillow to ensure the correct spine posture. Our favorite pillow is the Suissly Medium Soft Pillow (read our review here). The microfiber filling holds its shape while providing a cool hypoallergenic sleep.

Details About my Top Picks

The following beds are all good for back sleepers. That being said, some of them might actually be too firm (and thus not comfortable) for side sleepers. So if your partner is a side sleeper, take note of the ones that work for both sleeping styles!

Amore – Firm

Read the full review

The Amore mattresses come in three versions—the soft, medium and firm. For back sleepers, the firmest version is ideal—it’s very supportive and has great responsiveness. Plus! If you have a partner who prefers a softer mattress, you can choose their dual firmness option and have your bed have a firm side and a soft side!

Best Features: Great for back sleepers, Dual firmness option (extra $100), great responsiveness

Cost: $850 for a queen. Get $60 off with the code below.

$850/Queen — Get $60 off

$850/Queen — Get $60 off

Nolah Sleep

Read the full review

The Nolah is wonderfully soft, sleeps cool, yet maintains good support for your back. We highly recommend it for both side and back sleepers.

Best Features: Runs cool, soft and cloud-like

Cost: $849 for a queen. Get $75 off below.

$849/Queen — Get $75 off

$849/Queen — Get $75 off


Read the full review

To start with, the Eyri uses organic materials like wool and natural latex, which is definitely a plus in our books. It stays super cool and has great support as well as responsiveness for “nightime activities”.

Best Features: Organic, stays cool, stellar for back sleepers

Cost: $895 for a queen. Get $50 off with the code below.

$895/Queen — Get $50 off

$895/Queen — Get $50 off

Love and Sleep (by Nest)

Read the full review

If you are in a relationship where one person is a back sleeper and one is a side sleeper, we highly recommend The Love and Sleep Medium. It’s what we actually sleep on every night (except when we’re reviewing other mattresses). It feels like sleeping on a cloud, whilst maintaining good support.

Best Features: Great price, Medium firmness is great for back and side sleepers

Cost: $599 for a queen. Buy below.

$599/Queen — No discount

$599/Queen — No discount

I hope I helped in your search for the best mattress for back sleepers. And if you end up buying one of these beds, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Are you a mattress company that thinks your mattress might fit this list? Contact me and I’ll try it out and see.

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