Love and Sleep Mattress Review

Nest Bedding had just released their latest bed the Love & Sleep. Nest Bedding makes fantastic mattresses, but the Love and Sleep is unique. Nest is selling the mattress for under $600, a steal in the expensive mattress industry. Read our Love and Sleep mattress review to find out more about this bed.

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Check out our Love and Sleep Mattress Review

Sleeping on the Love and Sleep


The Love & sleep mattress comes with two different levels of firmness. The Medium is their more general bed designed for the broad range of sleepers. It is around a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest). The firmer version of the love and sleep mattress comes in at around 8 out of 10 on a firmness scale.

Both versions do a great job providing support, without sacrificing comfort. The top energex layer is a facinating material that has softness and bounce. It gives the sleeper a comfy sleep without the sinking feeling.


We found the love & sleep has a sinkage of 2″ when we were researching for our Love and Sleep mattress review. This level of depth will give a good amount of comfort without feeling stuck in the bed. Again, we believe this has a lot to do with the Energex layer and its unique properties. Overall, this bed has an great comfort and support for such an inexpensive mattress.


The Love and sleep mattress seemed to exceed all expectations with the coolness. The different elements of the bed work well together to draw the heat away from the sleeper. This mattress would be appropriate for hot locations.

Our research did not find any noticeable off-gassing with this bed. We do warn our readers that most mattress in a box beds have a slight smell when first opened. That smell should fade within a few minutes after opening the box.

How the Love and Sleep is Made

Mattress Construction

The love and sleep bed has three different layers that create the comfort and support needed. Let’s check out what they are and how they work.

  • Mattress cover

    A thin phase change fabric that helps remove or add heat depending on your temperature. The material allows the bed to absorb or release heat to find a stable temperature.

  • Top layer

    The top layer has 3″ of Energex foam. This material is a melding of latex and memory foam that gives great response and comfort. Energex is the reason people who like hard and soft beds can agree on the Love and Sleep Mattress. Read more about Energex Here.

  • Middle Layer

    This layer has 1″ of poly foam to transition between the soft top layer and the support layer. The poly foam has excellent air transfer properties which allow for a refreshing sleep.

  • Bottom Layer

    6″ high-density foam that acts as the support for the sleeper. This level gives the foundation to the entire mattress.

Lets take a look at how the Love & Sleep Mattress is made.

Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping in the US
  • 100 day risk-free trial period
  • 10 year warranty
  • Discounts: No

Mattress Cost

The Love and Sleep is Nest Beddings cheapest mattress. It is rare to find such a well made bed for under $600. Customers can shop easily knowing this bed is very well priced.





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There are no current promo codes for the love and sleep bed. Make sure to check back as companies will have new discounts at any time. Until then, the price of this mattress more than makes up for any promo codes we might supply.

Buy the Love and Sleep now

The price is amazing for the quality of the mattress.

Quick Read: 

Love and Sleep mattress review

If you are looking for a great bed that fits in a smaller budget, then look no further than the Love & Sleep mattress. The top Energex layer creates a perfect blend of comfort and firmness. Top that off with a $599 price tag, and you have a winner.

Love and Sleep Mattress Rating













Who should buy the Love and Sleep?

  • Sleepers looking for a slightly firmer mattress that still has some softness
  • Customers who are very physical in your nocturnal activities. The top Energex layer provides a significant amount of response and bounce.
  • Customers looking for a great deal. $599 is a great price for a mattress of this quality.

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