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Zotto has Labeled themselves as the perfect balance of soft and hard. This new mattress company is eager to make its mark on the mattress in a box market. Zotto Mattress began in 2015 with Kickstarter and been receiving amazing responses ever since. Read about the bed in our Zotto mattress review.

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Zotto Mattress Rating


Zotto mattress review.

Zotto Mattress firmness and support

Customers have found that the Zotto mattress is the perfect blend of soft and hard. It is 5 out of 10 (10 being the firmest). The mattress does a great job snuggling up to the body, giving a comfy sleep. This mattress is ideal for side sleepers who need a softer mattress. The top layer of the Zotto mattress is very soft, maybe too much for stomach sleepers.

Don’t let the soft top of the Zotto fool you, this bed offers a strong support. Customers report waking up without any aches or pains. The Zotto mattress offers a soft sleep with great support. We love to find mattresses that combine these two attributes.

The other benefit of a softer mattress is the lack of motion transfer. The top foam layer seems to defeat almost any movement. Getting up during the night will not shake or move anyone else in the bed. This makes for a great mattress for couples.

Zotto sinkage

Customers on the Zotto mattress did report a good amount of sinkage, though we expected it with such a soft top. We found that an average sleeper sunk around 2″ into the Zotto mattress. The sinkage was helped by the great support layers beneath. We do recommend that stomach sleepers try looking for a more firm mattress. The Zotto could give some pain if your stomach sinks too far into the bed.

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Zotto mattress COOLNESS and off-gassing

The Zotto is designed to stay cool. The top layer of the mattress has CopperPhase Gel memory foam. Zotto created this specialized material to draw heat and moister away from the sleeper. As we wrote our Zotto mattress review, customers raved that it worked amazingly well! Even in a warmer room, the mattress remained cool.

Our research found little smell when unboxing the Zotto. Sleepers should be able to sleep on it as soon as it has returned to its original shape.


The Zotto mattress has 4 layers that make up its construction. Each of these layers provides a specialized role to provide the best sleep possible. Let’s see what each one does.

Check out how the Zotto Mattress is constructed.
  • Mattress cover

    A super thin layer made of a blend of polyester and rayon. It is soft and light, almost acting as a sheet. Sleepers are really able to get the most of the top memory foam layer with the thin mattress cover.

  • First layer

    Zotto starts with 2 inches of memory foam infused with CopperPhase Gel. This provides a cool,comfortable top layer.

  • Second layer

    2 inches of CoolFlow memory foam is designed to really pull the heat away. This layer also starts the transition to a stronger, more supportive foam.

  • Third layer

    This section has 2 inches of Energex foam. The bounce and support for the top two layers.

  • Bottom Layer:

    The final layer has 4 inches of high-density foam. The support layer gives the sleeper the needed support and firmness.

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Zotto Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

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Zotto Mattress REVIEW SUMMARY:

Zotto mattress is new to the Mattress in a box industry, but they are growing quickly. They promise a good mattress and they deliver. We found that Zotto has created a well-balanced bed, great for side or back sleepers. The mattress is also one of the coolest we have found online. TopDown gives this the mattress two thumbs up.

Give the Zotto mattress a try! If you don’t like it (we doubt this will be the case), you can always return it completely free of charge.

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