Get Your Ultimate Wedding Registry Selection With Zola


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Get Your Ultimate Wedding Registry Selection With Zola.

Zola is quickly becoming one of the largest wedding registry websites. The simple registration, wide range of gorgeous (and useful) items, and top notch customer service have risen them to the top. It is no wonder that so many couples are using the Zola bridal registry for their wedding. Find out why you need to create an account in our Zola Wedding Registry Review. (And learn how to get $50 of free credit at the same time.)

Get The Best Goodies! Zola Wedding Registry Review

Wedding registries are nothing new. The concept of the registry for weddings has been around since 1924. A store called Marshall Field’s created the idea so couples could choose items that family and friends then purchased. It is much nicer to get a gift from someone than money.

The concept has evolved and changed over the years to lead us to an online store like Zola. The wedding registry store goes above and beyond a plain department store. They do have appliances, but there is so much more.

My Experience With Zola

I first encountered Zola when I was looking for a wedding registry for my upcoming wedding. I’ll admit that my fiance and I don’t adhere to the typical marriage concepts. The last thing I wanted was my aunt to give me a toaster. (Even if it did toast the weather for the day)

In my desperation, I happened to come across Zola. The first thing that caught my eye was the experiences section of Zola. My family and friends could gift me a cheese of the month subscription or a wine tasting experience. I knew right then and there that I was going to use Zola for my wedding.

I won’t go into details about setting up the account because I really don’t need to. It was super easy, and I can’t imagine anyone having any issues. My one piece of advice is to make sure and use our Zola discount to get $50 of free credit. It doesn’t cost you anything more and it is silly to let $50 go to waste. If you do happen to have any questions, I found the Zola Customer support to be fast and responsive.

Pros & Cons



  • Zola only has experiences in major cities
  • Almost too many things to look through

I recommend Zola too:

  • Couples who are looking for something different.
    Zola has a ton of unique experiences and funds none of the other wedding registries have.
  • Couples who want an easy registry.
    Zola makes it super easy to sign up and create your registry.
  • Couples who want $50 of free gift credit.
    Use our discounts to get $50 of free Zola credit just for signing up for a registry.
Zola wedding registry coupon codes

The List of Zola wedding registry goodies is Massive.

It would take too long for me to write out each thing I like in my Zola Wedding Registry Review, but I will cover my favorite categories. I love experiences and events, so I focused most of my time on that. I did include a few cute items as I couldn’t only show off one side of Zola.

  • Experiences

    Choose your location and find out what experiences you and your partner can get. I love the hot air balloon ride in Santa Barbara.

  • Funds

    The best way to get money without someone actually giving you cash. I hope my friends get us drinks with a view.

  • Bed and Bath

    Zola has all the typical wedding registry gifts as well. Choose from bed sheets to speakers.

  • Electronics

    My fiance is very excited about the gadgets and toys on the registry. I admit, there are a few toys I am eyeing myself.

Zola bridal registry costs

Zola is one of the most reasonable registries I found online. They are all expensive, but Zola offers new customers $50 of extra credit when they sign up. I was sold and made sure to tell all of my girlfriends as well.

Zola registry Discount and deals.

Make sure to get $50 of free credit when you sign up for Zola. Any of the links on this page will give you the $50. Once you create a wedding registry, the money will appear in your account.




Zola Wedding Registry Review

Zola was the best wedding registry for me. I love the idea of a registry but hate the idea of getting a microwave or similar appliance. Zola wedding registry gave me all the options I could ever want. I look forward to seeing what experiences my friends and family have planned for my fiance and me.

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