The 3 Most Beautiful Engraved Wooden Wedding Invites Online

The 3 Most Beautiful Engraved Wooden Wedding Invites Online

Every bride wants to make her wedding just the extra bit special and unique. While there are many aspects of your wedding, the first one guests ever see is your wedding invite. It’s important that your invite stands out and sets the mood for the actual marriage.

If this sounds like you, then I have just the invite idea for you. Imagine sending out Engraved wooden wedding invites to all of your guests. No matter how great an invite card is, it can’t compare to a beautifully carved piece of wood. Check out the wood engraved wedding invitations below and tell me you don’t agree.

The 3 Most Beautifully Engraved Wooden Wedding Invites Online

1. WoodSnap Wooden Wedding Invitations

I can’t put enough emphasis on how beautiful the WoodSnap wedding invites are. I have searched around and can’t find any other invites that come close the same quality. Don’t believe me, check out the image below. Prices around around $4.20 a card. Shop at WoodSnap

WoodSnap Has The Most Engraved Wooden Wedding Invites

2. Wood Chick Wooden Wedding Invitations On Etsy

If you want a more hand made wedding invite then look no further than Wood Chick On Etsy. She can handle big orders and have some nice designs. Buy on her Shop at Etsy.

Etsy wooden wedding invitations wood chick

3. Night Owl Paper Goods Wedding Invitation

Night Owl has some very nice wedding designs. While they weren’t exactly my favorite, I know people who really like them. Everyone has their own style and there are online stores for everyone. Prices are around $5 an invite. Buy at Night Owl.

Night Owl Paper Goods Wedding Invite

Regardless of which you choose, know that your wedding invites will be unique. I have been to at least 20 weddings and I have never had an engraved wooden wedding invitation in the mail.

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